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  1.  Batman: Dark Knight - Iconic?


    With certain tragedies related to this film, people were wondering is it tainted. Can we show our real feelings to this film without slating Heath Ledger? Well the answer that I give you is that there is no foreseen reason why you should even dare to besmirch such a masterpiece which is brought to you as "Batman: The Dark Knight". Director Christopher Nolan created a new darker hero with his opening movie "Batman Begins" which allowed viewers to find out who the man behind the mask really is. This gave more freedom to writers to pursue a realistic hero and not the tacky comic book hero which can only live in the magazines where it was first created. Now with this, people expected Batman to become a whole different character who can be worthy of saving us, however with this sequel it seemed that actor Christian Bale was lacking in the passion which should relate to a superhero. His view of becoming and being a hero gave me a bitter taste in my mouth due to the fact that in turn Batman was the villain in the movie. This is due to Bale's character as "Bruce Wayne" being an egotistical, whore grabbing billionaire who would rather enjoy watching the movie than performing.

    The real hero of this movie was "The Joker" Heath Ledger who did not give a villainous performance but gave a lot more. He put fear into my heart however I could still see the pain of his character within which allowed the audience to stay in contact with Ledger and fell what he is feeling. His performance was not villainous, it was iconic. No one has portrayed such a character in the way that Ledger did which made this movie because he had the passion the "Batman" lacked. If Ledger gets a post Oscar for this role he will fully deserve it due to the fact no one has to worry about being kind to him because of his death, he deserves all the accolades he gets.

    Normally success these days comes from views that the special effects (SFX) were mind blowing and the stunts were outrageous and that is what is would take to make a blockbuster. Well the reason why it grossed $155 million on its first weekend of release in the United States and became the number 1 in those charts to beat Spiderman 3 was because of the heart and soul of the movie. Yes the action was very realistic however the storyline which intertwined with more focus on social and moral issues allowed us all to be engulfed in a magic creation which can be lived over again and again. Even with this movie being a full 2½ hour movie it did not get boring at any stage due to the fact that each actor had their part to play to keep with the audience until the end. Even though that the movie seemed to break off 45 minutes before the end, it felt like it was only the end of a chapter and the final chapter was starting.

    This movie is not just a blockbuster; this movie can become one of the all time greatest. No one needs to over sell and promote, no one needs to think it will be forgotten, the reason why this movie will be talked about for years is because of its heart, passion and soul.

    Heath Ledger's last performance was truly iconic and will be remembered forever.

  2.  Biggest waste of £12.30


    From the first moments the cheesy music played to introduce the film to the ending which lacked more imagination than a grey cloud showed us how M. Night Shyamalan has lost the plot. Throughout there was not a sense of direction to show where the story was heading with everyone in great anticipation for a masterful piece of work found out that all they were watching was a uneventful nothingness which had very few moments to wake up the crowd. When Shyamalan created great cinematography with Signs and Unbreakable, people were expecting another sci-fi thriller which explored the boundaries of unexplained events however no such success was made with The Happening. Overall, the movie was very dull with little common sense used to confuse the audience more than excite them with a very dull ending which left us all waiting to run out the cinema.

  3.  A movie that keeps suprising you


    Now, after Jigsaw was killed with Amanda in the third movie, I thought where can the go from here. Saw IV brings amazing new twists with a shocking ending. I thought that the way the story played out was intresting and still has enough gore which makes Saw what it is. Overall, it is a very good movie to carry on from the previous ones and I can not wait for Saw V which is out next year

  4.  Greatest Action Box Set Ever!!


    Now, I much prefer the first two movies where it is in one building, and hopefully (as I saw in an interview) there will be a final Die Hard where he goes back to that, don't know what building though. LOL. Overall, John kicks ass!

  5.  Amazingly Funny


    To be honest, I thought Chan was to old, but he still performed and Tucker just made me laugh all the way. A trilogy to be treasured.