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  1.  Amazing


    Everyone seems to be moaning about installation on here, not sure why. If you have an internet connection then it isn't a problem at all. I use Steam anyway and had no problems installing Civ 5 at all.

    As for the game, i love it. Civ 4 was my first Civ game and i enjoyed that. So many added features to Civ 5 and the graphics look so much better it makes Civ 4 look inferior. The Hexes, and no "stacks of doom" from Civ 4 mean combat is alot more technical.

    If you liked Civ 4 then you will love Civ 5. Be warned though, this game eats away at your social life.

  2.  Liked Oblivion? You'll Love this


    Great Game. But as other reviews have mentioned, this is not an FPS(first person shooter) it is an RPG(role playing game). It isnt just running around blasting people, its about literally living your life as you feel. As with Oblivion, with this i did a little of the main quest to get me used to it, then i wander and see what i find. You are literally free to live how you want, do odd jobs for people to make some money, join a faction and move up their ranks, or my favourite, just steal everything you can find and sell it to buy guns(wow i think im a chav)
    As i said before, if you loved oblivion you will love this, huge similarities between the two. On the other hand if you buy and enjoy this game, buy oblivion, it is epic

  3.  The Greatest Game ever made.


    God himself made this Game.
    This was my first game for PS3, i got it about a month before GTAIV came out and i knew before even playing GTA it could not touch this epic game. Therefore i have only completed 15% of GTA and cant play it anymore, just cant help comparing the two and being disappointed.
    If you want it to this game can take over your life!