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  1.  neilsj


    This demo was launched in japan back in november, im sure they can change some things.

  2.  Answer


    The co-op Single player is fine. I myself have done it on insane (normaly the most glitched part of the game), and only got 1 or 2 bad glitches which could be fixed by re-hosting.

  3.  Love it!


    If you asked me to give this a rating out of 100, i would say 88.

    When i first played this game i knew it would be great, and i was right. Many people were worried that this was just a copy of the version on PSP, but i promise you, it is not.

    The single player mode has you doing all sorts, from using a sniper, to using a rocket lancher to blow up fuel tanks (which to use you must place the Wii remote backwards on your sholder and then aim)and even going in toe to toe combat with the German army.

    The best part of this game has to be the online mode. It can have 32 players per match, you can chose your wepons, uniform and the works! The online matches don't lagg, and work incredibly well, and are 10 times the fun when playing with mates.

  4.  One of the best games i have played.


    This is truly one of the best games i have ever played. If you are a Legend of zelda fan this is a must have. The game itself has a grappeling story line, it can keep you entertained for hours and there is so much to do!