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  1.  Great laugh-out-loud film


    i only just saw this film recently and i really must admit that, as a man, i enjoyed it. it is a great film with hilarious script. i went to see it with my girlfriend and she also enjoyed it! definately a must see for those who are into romcoms and good comedies!

  2.  Loved the Book More!!!


    sorry everyone but that is what i thin k and i think alot of people would agree! dont get me wrong i wasn't expecting the whole book being written into the film, that would have been too long, but there are alot of vital scenes that are not mentioned in the movie at all. on the other hand though it does have amazing special effects that seem very realistic and it is a good film to watch! a must have if you collect the harry potter films!

  3.  Really Good Film


    the film overall is a success in my opinion, it was a little dissappointing that some of my favourite characters lost their powers but it was still a good film to watch. dont listen to those who say that because it has a different director its a bad sequel, the script was written by the scriptor, not the director so dont blame him! in my opiniaon if you like the original 2, this is for you, you wont be let down too much!

  4. Ugly



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     Compelling and Triumphant


    This book takes you into the life of little Constance 'Clare' Briscoe and tells the story of how she was severely mistreated by her mother and 'stepfather' and how she managed to escape that life and become a strong independant woman! She takes you on a jurney of what life was like for her and you feel for her as she tells you how she coped with years of abuse and how she overcome and fought her demons - and her mother!

    Well Done Constance...I will definately be reading the sequel 'Beyond Ugly', when it is released early next year!



    As with any other Harry Potter Novel by JK Rowling i didn't know what to expect, and when i opened up the book for the first time and read the first couple of chapters i knew that i wouldn't be able to put it down and i was right...it took me less than two days to complete and i was resentful that i could carry on, it is sad that is is Harry's last adventure though JK Rowling could have ended the book any other way it is truly amazing.

    Thank you JK Rowling for the Harry Potter Series

  6.  Excellent Reed - Guaranteed


    Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was the very first in the Harry Potter series that i personally read, before that i was never that interested, however, since tyen i have become almost obsessed as such. During reading the book it felt like i was thrown into a whole new world and i began to imagine this place in my head and what all the characters would look like, bearing in mind i hadn't even seen the films. A lot of the story didn't make sense to me at first though i continued to read and try and make sense of what was happening. after that I went on to read the other books in reading order until i made my way back to this one, suddenly everything made sense and i became hooked, i owe my love of the Harry Potter franchise to this book, and i advise other people to read it also as you a guaranteed a brilliant reed...assuming you reed the books in order of course ;-)

    Harry Potter returns for his fifth year at hogwarts, however not all is what it seems, nobody belives him that voldemort has returned to power and suddenly they look at him as the enemy, even his best friends, Ron and Hermione havn't replied to his friends all summer. Harry must set about convincing everybody that he is telling the truth to prevent death and destruction at the hands and voldemort and also dig back into his past to find out exactly what it is that makes voldemort want to kill him so much and must once more face his wrath...the begining of the end is near!