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  1.  really good game


    the last of us had a lot to live up to with all the hype and so on and it did not let you down with well thought out landscapes and scenery nice controls and graphics as you'd expect naughty dog. good weapon crafting and so forth as you were playing it was easy to place your self in the game reading all the letters and collecting all the info it all just placed you there which is rare for a lot of games everyone needs to own this game

  2.  good b movie


    if you take it for what it is a b movie you will enjoy this film there's good work some times when there's a small budget you just think why bother but there's alright acting sets and camera work don't want to say too say too much and spoil it but if your a fan of horror its well worth watching

  3.  dead space 3 does not let you down


    there have been a few changes made to the third installment with the weapons the bench area the suits you wear and there is a little free roam element where you can play or leave missions behind if your losing the plot the graphics are great as you'd expect there's nice flow through the chapters and game and story wise its a lot deeper you finally see what's behind the markers how it all started where it could end up of course not every one is gonna be happy with the changes and at first i wasn't too sure my self but after a few chapters it all comes together sit down and enjoy the ride isaac wont let you down

  4.  let down


    ive been a fan of resi since the ps1 and seen the changes over the years i agree it cant stay the same every game has to change with times and technology but its leaving its core ground behind survival at points in this game you've got so much ammo herbs and sprays your having to leave things behind and the levels just start to drag and lacks any kind of flow you can be on the same chapter for an hour and half and the story hasn't moved its like they've done for no other reason than to make the game last a bit longer it adds nothing the graphics are good even better at times but now this game falls into such a large genre action shooter there are loads of better games out there which are much more enjoyable

  5.  just great


    kingdom of amalur is a huge open world fantasy rpg with all the classic content you'd expect free roam levelling up new weapons and armour bigger and better spells nice graphics and enviroments one of the good things about this game it doesn't force you to do anything you can go where you like when you like do any mission any time and there are so many quite a few of them give you the good or bad morale choice its all down to you the story really drives you its hard to put down I put about 100 hours in to this game that's just because I wanted to do anything possible you can finish it a lot quicker but why would you my opinion one of the best fantasy rpgs out there a must have for all fans

  6.  sound game


    this is a rpg shooter with sqaud based play there are elements of vanquish with all the big robots and fast paced action there's a really good story which is really engrossing nice controls smoth graphics enjoyable game and at price it come's at you cant say no

  7.  classic max


    after the great first two games and such a long wait to the third there was a sence of dred and hope could they pull it out of the bag and i have to say its like they never left great game play with nice smoth controls and enviroments which is what max was all about and with good grachics and a good story it ticks all the box's it doesn't matter if this is your first payne game as it sound to pick up and most inportantly its fun to play what else do you want

  8.  worth playing


    this was a good game but it could of been alot better and i dont mean graphics or anything like that the combat systerm isn't always the best as alot of the time its hard to see who your after and a few times its like people are shooting from no where even after you've cleared an area all in all its a sound war shooter not the best but worth playing

  9.  good game


    a good game well worth playing a good mix of weapons solid enough story and graphics about 12 hours of game play but most inportant of all its fun to play what else do you want

  10.  well worth playing


    got this as a gamble game knowing nothing about it and i have to say it payed off its third person shooter set in the under world its got alright controls with pretty good graphics and good play bit of an under rated game well worth giving it a go