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  1.  let the rage begin


    this is a good fun rpg yes if you just did the main story and only the main story it wouldn't be a long game but these kind of are about so much more its the exploring the hidden items the side quests the race championships if you get involed and do the game right you'll find a good 15 hours plus rpg wise this might not sound long but the game has a lot of good points which more than makes up for it with a solid story good weapons and extras like turrets ,bots, rc bombs etc and good flow through the game good action and levels well worth it yeah its no final fantasy length but these games are what you make them

  2.  alice master piece returns


    what a game loved the look of this game and it had pretty good reviews so thought i`d take a gamble and what a game for those who are put of by alice in wonderland fear not its got a deep dark story with a good mix of battles, puzzles etc some cool weapons and plenty of gaming hours a great fun game once you start its hard to put down you won`t find any thing else like this on the market give it a go

  3.  great game


    loved the first two games they had great story and gameplay but the graphics were shocking i can say they sorted that problem out fear 3 picks up story wise where the other two left off back on the hunt for alma as you travel around the differnt enviroments you come across wide range of enimes and you have a wide range of weapons to put them down really fun game with a good leveling up systerm fun game all the way and well worth doing again

  4.  the best ever zombie game


    what a great game this is its an open world rpg with great enviroments and colours huge maps from holiday resorts to jungles to inner city slums loads of differnt weapons from bats to axes guns to bombs loads of differnt mods for every and all weapons and loads of gaming hours i have to say its the best game of its kind ive played and one of the best games in general well worth playing what ever your into

  5. Brink



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     enjoyable game


    heard some mixed reveiws on this game but thought id take a gamble and it payed off this is an areana game with two differnt sides and storys where you have missions to do in one area your in a team you can sort of control your team and death is on a respawn systerm so it doesnt really matter its fun and works pretty well with some nice levels the down side is its a little short and your team a.i isnt always the best but all in all its a fun game with good replay ablity

  6.  best call of duty


    really good war shooter not sure why the mw get all the hype cause there all the same aleast black ops takes you down a differnt path fun game to play good mix of missions and locations plenty of weapons very enjoyable game would highly reccomend

  7.  classic games


    was always a big fan of the sly games and they have lost none of there charm the graphics are sound great games they really suit the ps3 all three games are really well done and all play good i`d say if you never played sly but you were a fan of jaks and daxter or racthet and clank then this should be right up your street

  8.  good game


    i'll just start by saying if you want this game cause you loved the film then this my not be up your street as it takes a totaly differnt story and locations from the film but the story is solid the locations are really nice and colour full which suits the game and pandora which looks well made and with decent graphics there are two differnt storys one with the humans and one with the navi both have differnt locations and story's which meet up at the end for me the better quest was the navi as its something just a little differnt this is enjoyable game well worth playing just dont buy it if your a die hard film lover only wanting to play film story cause it wont happen

  9.  not as good as the first


    this isnt a bad game it has its problems when your playing through a level the game cant keep up and is always loading the graphics arent the the best or even as good as first one but the storys ok not as good as the first but there is good mix of levels from woods to clubs to ware house's but over all i'd say if you were one go for bound in blood its a belter

  10.  back to mars


    this is a very enjoyable game with all the things you'd expect from red faction good locations good weapons and story and it all works pretty well there's a good flow between the levels and story the up grade systerm is good and easy use they have gone back the first red factions on the ps2 where your playing as 1st/3rd person so if you enjoyed the first two on the ps2 this will be right up your street no its not open world like the 3rd one but red faction never was