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  1.  for get game of the year its game of the console


    one of the best games i have ever played the way the story is told and how you go through the story just sucks you in its really gripping with great game play and graphics and a good leveling up system that is easy to work with this game is so engaging and has a natural flow this game will take some beating its a few steps up from the rest and with the price's aswell you might aswell get the augmented edition its the boy

  2.  great game


    really good fps the controls and the flow of the game is top notch lots of differnt weapons and so many differnt ways to kill people good story and graphics enjoyable all the way

  3.  bruce is the man


    really good show on the amazon from the people to the land scape what an epic journy every one bruce meets he treats with repect and always get the same back willing to get involed in everything and anything and inportantly telling you the real ture storys and always trying to tell you both sides of the story bruce top man

  4.  an enjoyable game


    this was a really good with a good mix of levels and weapons good graphics and plays well online too with everything from the sounds to the way the guns handle eg re coil after a more real feel to it the story is good and well told if a bit far fetched with korea taking over the world but north korea are the worlds bad boy so guess it has to be some one on a personal note i`m sick of everyone comparing every shooter to cod i wouldn`t mind if it was the best but its not even close this is a good game and well worth playing yes its a little short and if was longer i would of give 5 stars

  5.  good game


    this is a hack and slash game with a bit of a differance you are working with a witch who you can control as you can use her powers to help you in battle which you can improve and expand on decent story and controls the game has good flow and is a decent length and is an enjoy able game the graphics aren`t the very best but good enough and the game makes up for it

  6.  let down


    this game was a big let down after all the talk and i have to say the game and the fighting doesnt have the flow of tekken and the special moves aren`t as good or as flowing as mortal kombat my advice dont get it

  7.  not bad


    got this as a gift so thought i`d give it a try and to be fair it was a decent game average graphics and weapons not a bad story but nothing new for me the let down here is the length of the game only taking a few hours to finish and if you wanted to do the game for a second time you could do it in under 2 hours. if they`d of just put a extra bit of effect in when making this game they could of had a really good game

  8.  great game


    not really a big fan of the newer nfs but when i found out this one was made by the guys behind burnout i had to give it a go and so happy i did there are differnt modes from races to take downs to flying laps to battle modes with lots of differnt cars and tracks to play through good graphics and smooth controls really good game so addictive so hard to put down if your an arcade racer your sure to like this

  9.  lacking


    im a big fan of snow boarding games but this was a let down for any kind of free style game be it skate boarding snow boarding etc you to good smooth controls good flow between the moves and it just doesnt delivier i hope they bring out a ssx game for the ps3 cause it badly needs one

  10. Nail'd



    4 New from  £10.89  Free delivery

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     dont waste your money


    i have to say im a big off road fan but this game was a real let down you dont really have any choice of quads or bikes there arnt enough tracks so your just doing the same tracks over and over again the game gets boring very quick id advise that you go for motorstorm or pure there alot better