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  1.  watch this in blu-ray


    ok the story in general is preety terrible but to be honest i was expecting as much, however the sound and picture in blu-ray is crisp clean and preety stunning. Its kind of like avatar un intresting story unintresting characters but brilliant picture quality


  2.  The film that has set standards


    I saw this movie the day it came out and i knew it would be good but i was blown away buy how good this film was. Heath Ledger R.I.P plays the joker awsome and Aaron Eckhart played the psychotic Harvey Dent/ 2 face perfect. And Christian Bales performance was truley outstanding.

    This film sets standards for all future superhero movies and is my personal favrioute film of all time.

    Better than: Iron man

    Worse than: nothing

    Wait for: no film watch it now

  3.  not dawn of the dead


    i bought this film thinking it was the original dawn of the dead and i turned it on and i saw probally the worst zombie movie of all time how they can even call it dawn of the living dead shocks me because people will buy it thinking it is the original dawn of the dead which i have not yet seen this movie is total rubbish DONT BUY IT NO MATTER WHAT

  4.  a defienent must watch


    this film is awsome not only is it really good it acutualy tackles a serious problem racisim rossif sutherland, danny glover flex alexander and greg bryk all play their parts brilliantly and whats even better is that its not to predictable this film is probaly one of if not the best film of 2007

  5.  AWSOME


    this is the best film i have seen since 28 days later it is that good you must buy it simple as

    better than: 28 weeks later
    worse than: 28 days later
    wait for: nothing order now

  6.  great game


    this game is probally one of the most fun and best games ever and the game is simple creat a family get a job and watch them die dosent sound fun but trust me it is the most fun is when your rich and when a job task pops up anyone with a computer should get this game NOW

    better than: sims
    worse than: nothing
    wait for: nothing buy it now

  7.  the best mmorpg ever made


    this game is awsome simple as that just started playing it and i cant stop playing it what is better than being with a party of your mates ridding a dungeon of trolls nothing evreyone who hates this game is a very borring person before i got this game i had no life simple

    better than: arch lord
    worse than: nothing
    wait for: nothing buy this game now

  8.  tried to be the next wow to much but still a decent play


    right ill start of with the bad points it tried to be like world of warcraft to much i reckon it even copied its merchant style and the quests were very poor now heres the positive side the weapons armour and graphics are good but not as good as wow i will admit but the best part of the game is being in your quality armour riding a dragon over people chargin a hord of monsters on battle rhinos is nothing short of awsome get this game if you cant afford world of warcrafts monthly fees cause its free and then atleast you can play a game with better graphics than runescape plus this game is preety cheep

    better than: runescape
    worse then: world of warcraft
    wait for: world of warcraft rise of the lich king

  9.  buy it


    ok this film is quailty is as simple as that buy it

  10.  alright


    the games alright but your person dosent even speak and it tried to be to much like gta nothing new