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  1.  Heart wrenching...


    I'd already seen this film several times before committing to buy it on Blu-ray. I haven't read the book so apologize' for that. Every time I'd seen it appear on the TV listings after watching it the first time it filled me with a strange feeling of despair, like I don't want to watch it again, but I actually really do. The only other film that makes me feel like that is Saving Private Ryan, which is an immense film but it's so graphic and feels so real and personal that it's painful to watch. In The Lovely Bones I put that down to of course the subject matter. This film every time I watch it takes me through so many emotions and even though I know the ending I still find myself hoping she's going to be found safe and well. I think it's the sort of film that stays with you long after it's ended. While watching it I feel an immense feeling of what I can only describe as extreme grief, but by the end I'm left with a felling of closure and hope. Neither me nor my family have ever gone through any of the tragic events portrait in this film so to create such strong emotions I can honestly say the director, producer, etc and all of the talented cast have achieved exactly what they set out to do, which is why I've given 5 stars. Also I think the young actress who plays Susie has a very bright future ahead of her, fantastic performance....

  2.  Don't waste your time or your money....


    As you have probably gathered from the title of this review, its bad news Im afraid....
    My first piece of constructive advice to anyone thinking of buying this game would be check out the EA SimCity general discussion forums and you will see for yourself that my decision to write such a review title is not a minority, toys being thrown out of the pram opinion.

    Okay, on to the explanations as to why (In my opinion), this game is soo bad...

    1. Traffic...Once your city gets to a population of around 100k and over the traffic of your city becomes a real problem. Your sims cant get to work on time, your children can't get to school on time, deliveries to your companies and businesses don't happen. As they all clog the roads this backs up your firefighters, ambulances and your police as they simply cannot get through the overwhelming amount of commuters. So you very obviously upgrade your roads to high density avenues with street cars and place some public transport in the form of buses and trains, however, this doesn't really make any difference to the amount of traffic you have as your residents get more wealth they in turn buy cars, your tourism also go's up, causes more people to flood in. This all sounds great but really your city is beginning to choke on air pollution and ultimately grinds to a halt.

    2. The knock-on effect of #1^...Because your city is backed up worse than a toilet in Libya your firefighters don't get to fires on time, sometimes at all, which of course means buildings simply burn to the ground. Ambulances don't get to the scene of accidents and emergencies which mean your helpless sims simply die. Your police don't get to the scene of crimes which means crime pays. All this might have you thinking 'well okay, just place more F/P stations and hospitals', of course that would seem like wisdom and it did cross my mind too, but bear in mind that will simply add to your already woeful traffic problems. Basically after doing everything humanly possible to counter this problem as your city hits populations of 250k and over you spend most of your time bulldozing buildings that have been abandoned, businesses gone bust because they can't make or receive deliveries, homes because people can't get to work, but hands down the most annoying reason is the amount of fires and crime because your emergency services just cannot get to the scene.

    3...No amount of road upgrades or public transport even make a difference to any of the above. The problem is fundamental in the games design and development and can only be saved with patches that EA just aren't providing.

    4. Disasters...Now you may say 'Hey, these things happen', and of course I agree but my last city had a population of around 260k and was powered by a nuclear power plant which a giant lizard rose up from the ground and decided to destroy. My city was making money but not enough to replace the power plant and a cheaper 1 simply didn't generate enough power which basically meant game over! You should get the option to turn off disasters but you dont.

    5...So far EA developers have given no indication as to when these issues will be resolved or whether at all.

    Ultimately Im now left with a game that has more issues than the Iranian government which to put right EA will probably charge you for in some sort of DLC when they should of made it there and available in the first place...

    I would conclude that there is a great game waiting to escape here but that anyone thinking of buying it should first do their homework on whether or not the fundamental things that make it not fun and at times unplayable have been fixed...

    Another concern is whether or not Play.com will even post this damming review...

  3.  A decent film but not great...


    I bought this on 3D after reading the reviews and for a 3D Blu-ray under 10 pounds I thought what the hell. The action scenes and special effects are really good the way it cuts to slow-mo really brings out how graphic the action is, but that's about as good as it gets. The stories a bit weak the way they've introduced mutants I thought was a little bit ....X Men....The 3D is nothing special either, Avatar and Silent Hill Revelation are still the best films I've seen for the 3D experience. The main antagonist in this film played by Lena Headey who plays Queen Gorgo in 300 is really cold and lifeless in terms of her character but because that's the sort of performance Carl Urban also gives as Dredd it just makes the whole film seem dead and lifeless. If your going to have an emotionless protagonist then you really need to have a loony toon antagonist to balance the whole thing out, like Batman, he's a bit bland and boring where as the Joker or Bane are complete loony toons which make a really good balance, in this they simply cancel each other out, 1 as boring as the other. The other bad guys are simply morons you wouldn't trust with a potato gun, they run around the corners when they should peer around to see whats there first, they all bunch together when they should spread out, they practically all have big signs on saying we're here, shoot us. All in all this 3D blu-ray is worth 10 pounds and does entertain but it's not a film I'm likely to watch over and over again nor is it ever likely to win any awards and personally I think is only better than the original because of the advancements in modern day special effects...

  4.  Bad!


    This game is really poor. I couldn't get passed the 1st race even though I kept restarting it. The reason it's so bad is to be competitive you have to be on it big time, if you don't start every race in pole you will of course be amongst other cars, it all sounds like fun racing but if you so much as touch 1 of these cars (which is impossible not to do), will will spin off or be giving a time penalty or both for dangerous driving which is weird because your hitting speeds of up to 200mph, which is of course is dangerous?!!! If you somehow manage to stick it on pole every race then your either from planet Zion where all beings are faultless in everything they do or your cheating. I bought this game because I'm a big F1 fan and enjoy watching them all but this game is just too finely tuned, there's just no room for error, it's far too stressful for me and not worth me smashing my controller...

  5.  An inprovement overall but still got issues...


    The pros...
    Having played the game for a bit now the actual game play is a massive improvement on SimCity 4. The zoning tool whether it.s residential, commercial or industrial is a big improvement. When you zoned an area in SimCity 4 the tool would add roads for you but in this version you need a road already laid before you can zone. Another plus is you can now upgrade most functional buildings like the clinic. fire and police stations etc. so if they reach their capacity you can just add another wing or firetruck garage rather than having to bulldoze it or buy a massive hospital that you can't even afford. Adding water and electrical services is now much better. Before in SimCity 4 you would have to have power lines and water pipes all over the place and it became a real mess. Now you just have to place you power station or water tower near a road and hey presto. job done. The road itself acts as the connector for your power and water services. The camera angles are much better. Before you could zoom in and out and choose from 4 different angles. now its just like The Sims 3. You can zoom. rotate and tilt the camera anywhere you like. Another plus are the graphics. I have a super duper PC and a super duper 27inch HD monitor so this game looks great.
    Now for the negatives....Origin.
    Pretty much every time Ive booted up this game there has been a problem at some stage or other with the servers either not letting me play or booting me off mid game. I'm sure Origin are still ironing out the kinks but it is a problem. My PC is always connected to the internet so that's not a problem but my last game I played for several hours and because the servers went down it didnt save my city. Its times like that you just have to smile and wave. However this issue will not put me off playing in the future.
    All in all the fundamental things about this game are great but Origin will need to make some improvements to the service they provide to make this game complete. I bought it for 40 pounds. my advice would be. its not worth that. 30 pounds would be a fair price for this game. any lower than that and snap it up...

  6.  Very frustrating


    I can't play Blood Money on my console as when I try to run the game a message comes up saying...'This game does not support PAL-50. Please change your display setting to PAL-60. To change your setting, in System, select Console Settings, Display.' Only when I go to do that nothing in my Display settings mentions PAL-60. I suppose there's simply nothing I can do about this so I've paid money for a game I can't play...Brilliant!

  7.  The last time I buy this game...


    This game is terrible....Ive bought and played the FM series since the early 2000s. The last good version was the 2008 2009 series every since then its been getting worse and worse....This installment has a whole range of seriously ridiculous faults. I started a game as 1 of the top European sides brought in world class players and was getting my backside handed to me week in week out not just off lower in my league teams but also lower league teams. I had at least 1 goal disallowed EVERY game at least half a dozen yellow cards sometimes 1 or 2 red cards per game even though my tackling was set at default and a 3 or 4 month injuries for my best players strikers never seemed too far away. Im not new to the series I
    ve played this for over a decade but I gotta say this is my last 1 this is the most unrealistic and purely stressful FM manager game Ive ever played even the little things like telling a player hed done well to score 2 goals in the last game would be replied with him saying yours and my opinion on my goal scoring is very different to which Id have to apologize to him for complimenting him. When watching a game your players still do really stupid things even though their meant to be world class players this has been a major problem for years which every time they claim to have improved only once again they havent. I could go on and on but in conclusion dont waste your time this game is no longer worth your money or your health....

  8.  Poor


    I've followed FM & have bought every years installment for the last decade however this installment is in my opinion the least realistic in terms of the actual matches. I personally find that on a regular basis I manage to have unbelieably bad spell, especially against teams Im expected to rip apart, they usually get 1 chance on target & score, I have 12 shots on target & with some of the best strikers in the game, & cant score!! I know that sometimes thats just how the cookie crumbles, but this happens very frequently, this is also happening when i've been in charge of the team for several seasons, so its not because the team is still adapting to me, to sum up it just creates an air of unrealness, which makes me think whats the point in playing the game! doubt i'll buy 2012!

  9.  Worth every penny


    Wow, I've always been fascinated by programme series of this nature, i've followed several series about our solar system & the universe over the years. I have to say this series has not only been the most inspiring or the most moving but also the most factual in terms of scientifically. This is such a well made & well produced series, from the top quality CGI to the awesome audio (DTS) which sounds great on a home cinema system by the way :-) but also Professor Brian Cox who not only narrates the series but features visually throughtout, he explains things simply & creates a very personal touch. All in all this is an awesome journey, 1 of which I will take not just once, but again & again.

  10.  The best 1 yet


    wow, i've seen this film at the pictures & i've seen it on a copy, I just cant wait to see it on blu-ray, in my opinion its the best 1 yet, its much more sinister & darker than the 1st 2 films which I think is great, the storylines really hotting up & even though i've already read the books & know what happens its still ace to be able to visualise the story. the wolf pack isnt in this film as much as new moon but theres alot more characters coming into the story, also the girl playing victoria is different for some reason but thats no big deal, top marks & i'll be buying this for sure