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  1.  Poor Show


    Well, this game was bought and returned with a matter of a day. Played this on the Xbox 360 at my friend's house, and loved every minute of the game. But the Wii version simply stinks, and here's why:

    - No match variation
    - Poor controls
    - Graphically inadequate for a 7th generation console.

    So, let's address each negativity in a bit of detail.

    Some of the WWE's main match types, such as Hell in a Cell and Royal Rumble are completely missing. I'm sure if the ECW brand wasn't included then the Hardcore match would also be missing.

    Apparently you have to move the Wiimote as if you were actually performing a wrestling move, however every single move you want to make can instead be represented by shaking the Wiimote. As you can guess, fun does not ensue, but confusion and the regular "I didn't want him to do that!".

    The graphics are seriously terrible. It's like they've been watered down and the animations are just terrible.

    If anyone can actually justify buying and enjoying this hopeless piece of trash of a game then please do, but at the time of writing I fail to understand how this is the 7th best selling Wii game.

    There's so much that needs to be fixed:
    - Maybe add more moves as downloads to an SD card via WiiConnect24?
    - How about abandon the Wii controls altogether as it obviously didn't pay off.
    - Bring this up to standard with the Xbox and PS3 versions. The Wii is the top selling console, treat its users with respect.

    I actually think that this game is rather patronising, and represents a dumbed down version of the game, because the developers assume that people who buy Wiis only want to play mini games and cannot be bothered with career modes, so they just do without.

    This game needs to be seriously reconsidered for its next Wii iteration. Nintendo should actually test 3rd party games before they liscence them for use on their consoles.

    Please remove the Seal of Quality from this game until the developers get their act together. They need a Stone Cold Stunner.

  2.  Excellent production


    Trans-Siberian Orchestra never cease to amaze me.

    With this boxset you get all their Christmas stuff plus an extra DVD which is excellent for family viewing. Highly recommended to anyone from a truly magical group.

    However, please note that the DVD is in Region 1 formatting, so unless you have a region-free method of playing this then unfortunately the DVD will refuse to play.