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  1.  Good addition to the Resi series...but is it Resi?


    Well - being an avid Resident Evil fanatic - I only felt a joy of a delight when I heard Resident Evil 5 would be making its way onto the Playstation3. What with Resident Evil being perhaps the second best franchise behind Metal Gear Solid (perhaps it could even top it after this installment) - I couldn't wait to play it. I didn't even bother with the demo - as usually - demo's are a pretty rough indication of games anyway.

    For those of you that haven't had the pleasure of owning the Resident Evil series games from day dot - Chris Redfield returns to action - one of the original surviving members of S.T.A.R.S. from the Spencer Mansion incident all those years back. The great thing about this game, is that you can actually read the history of the RE series as you play - so this game was made for new gamers of the franchise to join in on the history of the game - as well as sticking to the routes for the old school RE fans. However - something is missing here for the old schoolers - and I'll get that in a moment. Something which made my playthrough bitterly dissappointing.

    Graphically - the game is stunning. Its flawless. You can't take your eyes off the detail that has gone into this game. The graphics all over the RE series has been nothing short of phenominal - in my opinion some of the best graphics I have seen in a long time since MGS4. Lighting effects are down to a T - and the dark moments are abit eerie to say the least! The voice acting is back to its cheese grating best - a step back from RE4 where it seemed to be actually breaking the sound barrier (RE is notorious for having awful voice acting) in the franchise.

    New players picking up this game, will absolutely love RE5. Its action packed, its shooting evil things and blowing up gas cylinders and killing over the top giant monsters. Plus you can blast away baddies with your mate as a co-op option - and on the PSNetwork, where people can JOIN your game! Which is a little bit cool! But do you really want other people playing the king of survival horror with you?

    Die hard fans of RE will feel abit left out here. RE5, felt too discriminated to the other half of its audience. The worst thing they could have done - was base the game on a co-op module of play. Let me put this straight - RE was never co-op. There were one or two moments of AI co-op in the previous games, but enough to pass judgment, and enough for an enjoyability level - but not solely based on working together. RE5 has quickly withdrawn its cards on the RE fans around the globe. RE stamped its seal of approval on the survival horror genre - but this game feels too action packed. Infact - its purely action packed. This isn't what RE is about. Its about solving puzzles, backtracking to your goals and discovering sinister plots to the storyline.

    The game itself is far too short - you spend most of your time spamming at enemies, and near enough, you will find yourself looking at a cut-scene to every new scenario - to which you'll find yourself shooting your way through another 20 people. This is repeated through 6 very short chapters. The co-op style of play in this game sucked the life out of RE. And thats the truth.

    For me - the RE factor vanished in this game. It didn't feel like RE. It felt like another game completely. And although there was the same lovable characters - I felt gutted. RE5 is not better than RE4. Its not better than RE2. Its not better than RE1 - but it IS better than RE3. In my opinion, it could have really boosted the franchise in the right direction. Instead, its taken a huge step back.

    If you LOVE action - you will love this game. If your a Resident Evil old schooler - you may feel a sour taste in your mouth.

  2.  Metal Gear - A Legacy Forever


    Metal Gear Solid, in my opinion, is without a doubt, the best series released on the PlayStation (Resident Evil a close second). Its sheer perfection. From the first Metal Gear Solid released on the PS, I was hooked. Poetry in motion if you want to call it that. Me and one of my best mates, played the original round his house, just amazed of how good the graphics were, how much attention to detail there was, and how gripping the storyline was. If you have played all of the Metal Gears, then you will know exactly what I mean when I say Metal Gear Solid 4, brings the whole series together so brilliantly. Nostalgic!

    MGS2 was abit of a snack game, it was great, but really you just couldn't forget about Meryl, Noami and many more great characters from the first installment. MGS3 was pretty much a prequel. Setting up the past, for the future, and filling in the gaps about the lead up to Solid Snake, his history, and thus; his future.

    People picking up MGS4 will be confused, theres no two ways about it. You NEED to have played the first 3 games to REALLY get to grips with the storyline. This is probably the only downside to this game - but if you love MGS as much as I do, you really are in for a treat. Old characters, new characters, extremely dark and twisted enemies; and a few moments of "I'm touching cloth now" is to be expected!

    Hands down. This is the BEST game I have EVER played. Its actually made me weep at night, stay up late till silly-o-clock and have dreams about playing MGS in my sleep. The graphics are simply top-notch, the gameplay is astonishingly realistic, the number of hours you can rack up on this are endless and the fun factor hits well above the 100% mark. Hideo Kojima is a sheer legend - and I thank him for giving us Playstation gamers, a game that we can rightly call our own. Every cut scene, every moment, every rifle shot, every enemy you come across; is just unreal. Untouchable.

    This review probably sounds really biased and prententious, but I couldn't care less. This game is a MUST OWN game. If you don't have this in your collection, and you haven't played the original MGS games before, you just simply MUST have it. Hideo has made us MGS fans wait a good 10 years now for what I can say, is the REAL sequel to MGS1.

    This game isn't just a gimmick for the PS3. Its pure gaming at its best. A cinema epic. A legacy. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots - in my opinion; will be best game on the PS3 for a very very long time, if not, forever.

  3.  A Simple MUST For Any Arsenal / Thierry Henry Fan!


    Can't put anymore words into what I said on the title. If your a true Gunner; then you need to buy this!

  4.  I Am....Very Over-Rated??


    Being one of the final block buster films of 2007, "I Am Legend" has still managed to gross a whopping buck in the final week of the UK box office than the majority of films have done in a month. Still, with this in mind, the film was set to be huge, and give 2007 a good seeing off. Quite frankly, the best film I saw in 2007, still has to be "Hot Fuzz", I couldn't compare Legend to Fuzz in any respect.

    Legend tries to deliver what the Omega Man back in the 70's tried to deliver, isolation, paranoia and one mans fight for survival. In its best attempt, Legend does touch the top of tip of the ice berg on all of these attributes, it just doesn't really succeed in making you believe, even if Will Smith does give a pretty decent performance.

    The film is basically about one person creating a cure for cancer, in which they reverse the string of the cancer disease, and thus, reversing the patients cancer string to cure them. We then get thrown into the mix 3 years down the line, to a desolate New York city, with no one but Smith and his Dog. Throughout the film, we get flashbacks of what happens to New York in its final hours before everything falls to pieces, and the supposed cure for cancer, fluctuates and reverses into a viral outbreak (Resident Evil anyone?) that turns everyone into zombie nocturnal like creatures that cannot get into direct contact with sunlight. This is pretty much what the flashbacks deliver, and do not really give us an insight of a deeper storyline and background to the film.

    The film just doesn't seem to flow at all. Its story is limited and flawed in every way. You don't find out how the virus spread, why only a small minority of the population don't get infected, and how the virus originated (we are only told it was a cure for cancer - so we can only assume it went wrong). Its just a plot hole bonanza in that aspect, we are left to figure out the story by ourselves, and thats annoying.

    Albeit there isn't a lot of talking in the movie, Smith does do a fairly decent job of being the "only survivor" in NYC, but he does seem to drift off and give us some pretty bad acting in other scenes. But compare it to Tom Hanks in Castaway, and how he builds a relationship with the football "Wilson", I felt so much more upset when that ball got swept out to sea, than when Smith loses the things closest to him in this movie. You'll see what I mean.

    Above all else, this film is short. And that sucks. This film truly is a disappointment. Its decent at best don't get me wrong, but I just felt it was rushed, the ending was shockingly presented and it just didn't leave me pleased when it finished. Even the CGI looks like someone had a bad night on the booze whilst making the zombies. They are just really really really bad.

    Some of the scenes were quite groovy, almost Doom like - but with less cheese factor. But then after the red mist has settled, its just another disappointment for a supposed blockbuster of a movie. I just hope we can actually get a decent survival-horror-apocolyptical movie in the coming years.

  5.  Cliched Teen Thriller - Holds It Own, Best In A Long Time!


    LaBeouf is probably a name that doesn't roll off the tongue that easily. He made a name for himself in the hit kids tv show Even Stevens; which I remember on those early Sunday mornings curing my hangovers. He was an annoying idiot; with a stupid sense of humour, who then went on to star in the summer smash Transformers. Disturbia would be a huge transformation for Shia in itself.

    Shia plays Kale, a teenager who is undergoing personal issues from his fathers accidental death; he is isolated and withdrawn from others around him. An incident in school ensures Kale a house arrest for 3 months; and he cannot leave the compounds of his own home until he has carried out his punishment. This gives Kale a chance to find activities to keep him occupied. Obviously, spying on neighbours is an in thing to do. Kale's best friend Ron, decides to check up on him; and now we introduce gorgeous Ashley (played by Sarah Roemer); the new girl next door - and we also introduce the creepy Mr. Turner (played brilliantly by David Morse) - the neighbour you didn't want to live next to. Kale and the gang read in a paper about several missing girls, with the apparent suspect driving a blue Ford Mustang. Kale decides to keep tabs on Mr. Turner, and exploit the truth behind his closed door activities that he has witnessed.

    The problem with this film is that it steps over the lines too many times to be a great movie. For one; Shia LaBeouf is not a good actor. Secondly; its so cliched. Thirdly; you know what is coming next - which leaves the ending sketchy and boring. Although this made quite a mark in the States; it wasn't so well received over here. I can see why. What was the last teen cul-de-sac movie similar to this; that done well? Scream? Halloween? I honestly can't remember. The film does have some chills and thrills which I admit raised some hairs on the back of my neck; especially from the performace of Morse. He is the real star of this movie, and thats the real solstice keeping this film well spoken for.

    The film is really aimed at young teens; but I couldn't really see a reason for it to be rated 15, and I'm positive it could of been a more mature thriller for young teens. But with Shia; its almost as if they didn't want him to play it serious. And thats disappointing; because I think, just like Jim Carrey, he could have a big future in serious films if his team drop that "Even Stevens" malarky. Its definately one of the better teen thrillers I've seen it must be said; but it could of gone the extra mile for us more mature viewers. A decent view. Nothing more, nothing less.

  6.  Do You Like Cheese With Your Crackers?


    One could honestly say, that Tim Burton is a legend in film making. His dark approach to films, that gets you under your skin and doesn't hold back. Quite often he's attempted to try his hand at other things, such as "The Nightmare Before Christmas" and "The Corpse Bride", which do the trick, if your a goth. Unfortunately, even the best have their off days, and this shows why you should stick to what you know, rather than be a jack of all trades.

    With Johnny Depp playing really vital roles in the majority of Burton's films such as "Sleepy Hollow" and "Edward Scissorhands", Burton continue's his tradition of plonking the main role for Depp as Benjamin Barker. Judge Turpin (played by Mr. Bad himself, Alan Rickman) deports Benjamin Barker for a crime he did not commit, leaving Turpin to Barkers wife and daughter for the taking! With his wife dead, Barker returns to London to find salvation and seek revenge on the Judge.

    With this, the story itself is brilliantly portrayed, Burton sprinkles his dark, moody, bloody self all over it. And thats brilliant.

    What kills the whole film for me, and I didn't realise this upon entering the cinema screen, was the fact it was originally based on a Broadway musical. Way to go Burton! You've just made me pay £7.50 for what can only be described as your brilliant dark and dirty mind (which is what I love about Burton) ruined with the Broadway cheese wiped all over a pretty decent excuse for a film! From start to finish, you get cheese, cheese and more cheese. Actors who wouldn't really sing, trying to sing with dodgy cockney accents. Its been tried and tested before, and it didn't work. Oh, and abit of over the top blood for the sake of blood.

    The only salvation in this film, is the fact that the supporting cast do really well to pull the film back on track. Sacha Boren Cohen shows how much of a multi talent he is as the mischeivous Pirelli, Timothy Spall also, shows how much of a talented actor he is, by being the dogs body for Judge Turpin, but it just doesn't hide the fact, that these actors should not be in a god damn musical. Even Depp, who I do hold high in esteem for his acting, can't face the music for this poor excuse of a role. At points, he even seems like he doesn't care. Like a bad Jack Sparrow.

    To be honest, people who are voting this film extremely generous scores, should be ashamed of themselves. This isn't Pirates folks, its Tim Burton picking at genre's he shouldn't be touching.

    If you do like musicals, you will love this, and you will love it even more because Johnny Depp is in it, and you obviously like Andrew Lloyd-Webber. If you don;t like musicals, simply avoid this movie, you won't like it going in, and you won't like it coming out. Even if you TRY and cover up the fact its a musical, it still won't work. Even with Tim Burton and Depp behind the wheel.

  7.  Cracking British Gem! Get In Boyle!


    I honestly have to tip my hat off to Danny Boyle; I think he's pretty much done near enough the majority film genres to direct. When this was first announced; I had no idea what to expect - just another space movie? Nope. A whole new take on the space thriller genre - and Boyle has done it brilliantly.

    Sunshine does for sci-fi thrillers what Apollo13 and Event Horizon did in the 90's, but takes them to a whole new level boasting awesome special effects and absolutely fantastic cast performances. Dispite only having 8 main characters for the crew; I can't really pickout a main performance as they all deliver extremely well. From start to finish, you are hooked by the gripping drama that the crew have to deal with. It goes much further than what Event Horizon gave us in horror scares, Sunshine delves into the characters persona's, and they share their fears with us.

    As mentioned before, and probably by many others; Sunshine takes a page from Apollo13 and Event Horizon's book; mixes them together, and comes up with action, suspense and emotion as the end product. Albeit most people think the ending is a little premature; I personally think its a nice touch to a great British gem of a film. Boyle has once again shown how versatile he can be as a director. Bring on the next one Danny!

  8.  One For The Road...


    I remember going to see this in the cinema when I was 15 or 16, around the time when American Pie was making big waves in the teen-comedy scene. Road Trip was probably one of the most overlooked in this genre; and its a shame. Its a fun filled, gross out, sexual fuelled film that is worthy of competing with the best of the teen-rom-coms.

    The film stars Amy Smart, Sean William-Scott (American Pie) and Brecken Meyer (Garfield) - along with crazy co-star Tom Green (who I don't rate at all for the record)! Its basically about a sex-tape that gets made and sent to Brecken Meyer's girlfriend by mistake. This sets up the story for a crazy road trip that 4 college friends embark on to stop the tape from being seen! This brings us classic scenes in different settings from a sperm bank, to a grandma & grandads house - right through to a Tennessee fraternity!

    For £2.99, this is a right bargain of dirty comic humour! Bargain!

  9.  The Kingdom Owns All...


    Moving aside the fact there hasn't been many decent action thrillers as of late; The Kingdom was a surprise, yet, personally one of the better films of 2007.

    The Kingdom delivers on all fronts what realist action defines; tension, emotion, brilliant acting and fantastic scenes of adrenaline. It showcases all of this prestinely. The background of the film is based on the political side of the Saudi's relationship with the American's and the oil fued that has been so much broadcasted in the media across the world. This film opens up the violence and terrorism in Saudi Arabia to the point of empathy of all involved - this is helped by the raw and gritty camera work which is fantastic; the score which is even better; and the performances by all involved are flawless.

    In all honesty; this film haunts you, not because the media talks about the reality 24/7; but because this film opens your eyes to what is actually happening in the Middle East. Right from the offset - its pure tension and terror, and come the end of the film to its dramatic crescendo, you realise just how much of a masterpiece this film is, and touched you are after watching it.

  10.  Great Zombie Flick! Planet Gore!


    Who needs art cards when you have a brilliant zombie flick in the comfort of your own home? I personally am not a fan of films with constant gore ripping through the film, but Robert Rodriquez takes his Sin City-esque expertise and utilises it to almost perfection. Planet Terror was originally apart of two part movie called Grindhouse (Death Proof & Planet Terror), it didn't really catch on in the USA, so the alternative was to release each film individually. I think this was probably a wise idea!

    Planet Terror is just for kicks, its a zombie flick with guns, stupidly over the top gore, ridiculous action scenes - and a crazy storyline. And it works a treat. This film isn't for the weak stomached, and its not for the narrow minded. Its a pure fun in your face killing spree. Tarantino & Rodriguez once again, using cast members spread across their movies (from Bruce Willis to even Tarantino in action!) to great effect. It was never intended to win an oscar, but it was set out intentionally to give you a fun ride for 100 minutes. And damn, did it deliver.