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  1.  Excellent


    We all know the film by now. HD quality is fantastic, I worried ithe effects might seem a bit dated in HD but I was wrong. Even in HD this film looks like it was only filmed yesterday. Defo worth the upgrade and excellent price too.

  2.  WOW


    Best HD picture I have seen, I dont think anything will beat this until film makers start using the IMAX format. The film is amazing and watching it in full 1080p IMAX experience makes this probaly the greatest HD picture to date. Get out there now and buy it.

  3.  Fantastic.


    Forget DaveSmileys review, anyone who says a film is "WELL RUBBISH" cant be taken serious. Fantastic to Ewan and Hugh in a different light. Plenty of suspense and some very sexy scenes early on in the film. Defo worth a watch.......

  4.  WOW


    Bought the Mrs this about a year ago for Christmas, personally I didn't really get into it like the Mrs (I cant wait to purchase Pinocchio). I'm sure most people out there will love the story so I strongly advise you to buy this Blu Ray upgrade. The time and effort that has been put into this is unreal, amazing fantastic and mind blowing, this is one unbelievable picture.

  5.  What is the Blur Ray Quality like


    I never expect an amazing script and excellent plot line in a Statham film, what I except is aprox 2hrs of escapism with plenty of over the top action and corny one liners. I loved this film and was not disapointed, this is a film you have to watch and make your own mind up. I wish people would start spending more time reviewing the Blu Ray quality on these pages. Thats what we are looking for, if you dont care about it then review the DVD page instead.

  6.  Excellent.


    Bought this box set on the Wednesday Afternoon and had watched all of them by the Thursday Morning. These are fantastic quality and defo worth the £34 price tag. When Dom and Brian have the quarter mile race in the 1st film check out Dom's car, as the car lifts of the ground check out the lack of air in the tyres. Thats how good the picture quality gets. Cars look amazing too, this is defo something to show off you system..

  7.  Fantastic


    HD quality is Fantastic. I have just finished watching this and had to switch between the SD and HD versions on my two players. Although you dont need to do this to tell the difference it just makes the picture even more impressive. A few grainy Scences from possible Over/Under Exposure during filming and due to age of material but overall this is amazing. Defo worth the investment, this is a must for any HD/Top Gun fan. 98% of the HD quality is top notch. WOW..

  8.  Watch and rate for yrselfs


    Not as good as T1 and T2 but overall a great film. I agree with other comments that it wasn't as dark as the previous 2 but I think the ending was a very good way to justify the story and make way for Salvation. The war was inevitable and although the film/ending could of been a bit darker and more emotional I think it was a great film. 1 and 2 were very in-depth and serious, this film is all about John trying to runaway/stop Judgement Day and not accept his destiny, only to have it thrown at him in a space of 12 or so hours. Roll on Salvation. Cant wait to see this in all its 1080p glory.

  9.  Excellent Picture Quality


    Film is fantastic. Picture is amazing. Wow. Defo 5 stars...enough said...

  10.  100% Picutre Quality


    Number one fantastic. Number Two Average. Just Like superman there is way too much soul searching and not enough action in number two. Number three was a much bigger improvement but a little too long. Overall I love them, still makes me want to try climb the walls at home and I'm 28 years old.

    HD Quality gets 100% from me though, incredible picture and defo worth £35...