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  1.  Game of Thrones 2 : Slow to erupt, but be prepared


    Focusing more on tension, than of providing out and out thrills, the second series of Game of Thrones has a very slow fuse indeed. However, with a cast to dream of , and a spectacle that lesser production teams can only aspire to achieve, we are surely in for a mind blowing treat in the closing episodes.

  2.  Perfect Creature


    Good and evil take up battle as aristocratic vampire and heroic policewoman come up against vampiric criminal genius in the surely underated Perfect Creature. With amazing sets, often reminiscent of those on Bladerunner, and filmed in sepia tones, this is a film that places emphasis on relationship and on love, a love punctuated by moments of satisfying gore, but always keeping a balance between horror and romance. Perfect Creature is an underestmated film that should surely appeal to the more discerning horror fan.

  3.  game of thrones


    i am a hardened movie buff, who has lost the ability to gasp with a sense of awe. i gasped twice with Game of Thrones, and so will you. Buy it _ NOW !

  4.  Isle of the Dead


    Largely forgotten now, Isle of The Dead is a treasure that deserves a very wide audience. If ever a film has merited being photographed in black and white, this is it. Genuinely very creepy, Isle of the Dead is clothed in unsettling shadows that serve to make you share the dread of the unknown as endured by the films protagonists. If psychological horror is your thing, get this, and you will not be disappointed.

  5.  The Malta Story


    Despite its uninspiring title, The Malta Story deserves to be remembered as a fine war film, telling the true story of a remarkable act of resistance by the population of Malta in 1942, as they defied the awesome power of the German Lutwaffe, experiencing conditions akin to those faced by Londoners during 'the Blitz'. With a cast led by Jack Hawkins and Alec Guinness and excellent black and white photography, this is a grippingly exciting story of people coping with peril of potentially devastating proportions.

  6.  The Thrill of it all


    With their enduringly stylish lead singer, Bryan Ferry, and inventive lyrics, combined with superb musicianship, Roxy Music's The Thrill of it All, surely represents everything that a box set should, unadulterated satisfaction.




    When BBC Radio 2 was known as the Light Programme, its repertoire was comprised of what was universally recognised as Light Music, and the music of Josef Locke, as heard on this Very Best of Josef Locke, would have been accepted with rapturous admiration by the radio stations hugely significant audience base _ but alas 'those days are gone'. Josef Locke's canon of material is representative of a popular form of music which occupied a place in the parlours (best rooms) 0f millions of homes in Britain and indeed beyond, in the first part of the twentieth century, because it reflected the values of a spiritually and politically motivated society moulded by a sense of complacent moral superiority inherited by the offspring of the British Empire. But, what makes Josef Locke such a legendary and enduring source of pleasure is his tone of voice and genuine feeling of sentiment for his material. Locke's tenor voice is one of rhythmic purity comparable to the finest purveyors of literary verse, by which the listener to his lyrics experiences something so spiritually beautiful as to place them beyond any cultural anachronisms, thereby retaining only their 'timeless' ability to give pleasure to those who are prepared to listen by means of their senses rather than by means of their intellectual instincts, which Light Music was always intended to do. For anyone whose 'sense of history' extends to social domesticity and the lifestyle of their grandparents, and indeed, great grandparent's, the music of Josef Locke should be an essential part of their music collection.

  8.  Enchanting April


    Shortly available for the first time on DVD, Enchanted April is a stunningly visual film, with a fine ensemble of leading actors. Italy has never been more gloriously depicted than in this film, as the cinematography used presents us with Pre-Raphaelite intensity, which will have us, in turn, booking our next holiday in this 'dreamy' location.