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  1.  Rubbish if you actually want to dance!


    Something some of the other reviews have mentioned as a positive is, in my opinion actually a very negative point. Namely that the game isn't actually watching your dance moves at all, just waiting for you to hit certaiin positions intermittently within the dance. This basically means that you can do whatever you liek for a substantial amount of the time and then just put yourself into the position it wants at the correct time, the actual dances themselves would be almost impossible to do unless you were a professional in many cases so this doesn't really teach you to dance, and you can easily dodge a workout and still get points!
    Dance Central is FAR superior as it actually tracks you throughout every move.

  2.  Bass is fine, you just have to wear them right


    I've had many in ear headphones over the years, including the Mk1 CX300's before these. I'm also a professional DJ and Music Producer with 10 singles out in the last 18 months so I reckon I can say I know a bit about sound quality ;)
    To those who have reveiewd and said there is no bass, you obviously aren't wearing the phones properly, or you have your setup all wrong. These headphones are crisp, dynamic and bass heavy if anything. They certainly "colour" the sound (as all home headphones do) and I wouldn't say they are the best for insturmental or orchestral type tracks. The excel however when you play dance music, heavy metal etc through them, which is what they are designed for really. I use my headphones when skiing and cycling pretty much exclusively, and they work perfectly for this. :)

  3.  Great headphones for the price


    As a professional DJ and producer I'm pretty qualified to talk about sound quality. Now these would be of absolutedly no use in the studio as they are certainly not colourless (but then my studio cans cost around £200!), as a set of headphones for use on the go they are superb howvever. Anyone who says they don't have any bass response is clearly either deaf or a complete idiot. For a start look at the frequency response and compare it to any other headphone around this price point. Then talk to any music professional and ask them their opinion on Sennheiser. Then buy these headphones if you want the best value for money around. With regards to build qulaity I have had mine for a fair while and they have travelled the world with me, including use on a couple of skiing trips and they work absolutely fine still. Like all small headphones they are, of course breakable but no more so than anything else of this size/price

  4.  Finally topelling Pro?


    Well, I've been a PES fan for as long as I can remember. Always rent FIFA for a few days to check that it hasn't finally got the better of PES but as yet I haven't thought so. I have to say thought that having played the demo to death this year I think it may finally have done it and to be honest I'll be pleased if it has in some ways as the online elements,live updates, fully licenced teams and players make for a much more comprehensive game. Shall be getting this on day of release for the 1st time ever and then waiting with interest to see if they have actually improved PES much this year. I have a horrible feeling that the answer is going to be no, they haven't released any demo,trailer or anything else on LIVE and seem to be reticent to show any details of the new version at all. This can only mean one of two things: They know they have cocked it up this year and don't want to admit it, or they have improved on last years game by a mile and don't want to give the game away.
    Guess the next few weeks will tell us but in the meantime I'll be playing 10 v 10 online on the new FIFA! (Although I can see that being a HUGE lag issue unless everyone involved has a spanking connection!!!)

  5.  Question


    Does this come with the power supply does anyoen know?
    Not really clear from the description.........

  6.  Reply to previous post.......


    Its implicitly HD ready as the resoloution is above VGA, It will do the equivelant of 720p although the native res does not match any setting on either the PS3 or the 360 so you may end up with small black bars on the edge of the screen (as this monitor is 16:10 and I think all the console graphics modes are 16:9)
    It should however look superb for gaming due to the exceptionally fast refresh time. (I'm about to order one for my 360, just toying between this and the syncmaster)
    The only monitors to give you full 1080p are 24"+ and from the reading up I have done the ones that are around £300 are no use for gaming really. (Not had the chance to test this but thats what I ahev found on the web)
    There is a BENQ 24", 1080p model which is allegedly stunning but so is its price (think best Ive seen is arounf £600!)
    I would personally recommended either this or the 22" syncmaster also from samsung as the best available gaming monitors

  7.  Looks like this should be a stunner


    I've been playing the beta for nearly a week now and overall this game is shaping up to be something really special. Sure there are various bugs in it at the moment, but then it is a beta test so thats the whole point of the thing to iron these out, I personally am a little dubious of the November 2nd release date when they are running a major beta in September but we will see!
    Graphically the game is excellent as you would expect from the revered COD series; smoke, explosions, characters and scenery all have a lifelike look to them and framerates are kept high throughout. We have set up rooms with all 12 people (the maximum in the beta) firing and chucking grenades in a small area with no noticable problems in the game engine.
    Overall the weapons seem pretty well thought out and portrayed, the only major flaw in the beta seems to be that peoples connections appear to be able to give them a really unfair edge in a straight shootout but hopefully this will be improved before final release.
    The perks and powerups system is sublime, really breathes some fresh interest and life into yet another 1st person shooter to have goals to work towards to get yourself better sites on your guns etc etc. You also get 3 special "perk" slots (with plenty of unlckable options) - things like "last stand" where when you are shot (assuming its not an entire clip or in the head!) you fall to the floor and pull your pistol out. There is NOTHING more satisfying than being downed, the guy reloading because he thinks he has killed you while you take aim on his head from the deck and pop him (and maybe his mate if your really lucky!)
    You also get powerups in game for killing a certain amount of people without dying - this is the one area of the beta I would say needs some work. You get a UAV for 3 kills, an airstrike for 5, and a helicopter for 7. Whilst it is very satisfying to use these it is not without issues. The main problem is that you can use the UAV, then get another two kills, then use the airstrike (which will normally get you another two kills), so you then have the helicopter which will quite often get you quite a few more. I personally think you should only be able to sue one of these special attacks, ie if you use the UAV it should reset the counter.
    This however is only a minor detraction and one which may well be addressed before the final build, I for one can't wait for the retail version and will definately be on this with all the xFUBARx people!