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  1.  wow...just WOW


    words cannot describe how good this game is, everything gets 10 and out 10. the best gaming series ever and theres only been two. must own game of the century.

  2.  Could Have Been a Masterpiece....


    I am constantly changing my opinion on this game...and right now i think i've made my decision....it's good...but it could have been great.

    Firstly, this is a thinking mans COD. If your buying it believing its going to be the same then your going to be bitterly disapointed. You have to be patient, you have to be clever and you have to be ready to die a large amount of times...me personally, i love being tactical and planning my attack and this game is great for it. Like many people have said, its basically one hit and your dead and to me, this makes it intense and thrilling. Great array of weapons, vehichles and commands, great sound affects, great enemy AI and true to life missions. The graphics will not blow you away but it does look awesome when your up high and can view basically the whole map.

    Now on to its problems. This is possibly my biggest quarm...it literally throws you in the deep end. There is no training and minimal tutorial and to me, this takes away some of the reality of the game...your meant to be a highly trained soilder....instead you get dropped on a island knowing you have to press x at an ammo box. Your teams AI can also be questionable at times, they dont always follow orders, walk of aimlessly and have a tendency to only look forward and not look at the enemy who is firing at him from behind. I also havent been able to get on the MP since its release. Im hoping a lot of these problems will be fixed with a patch.

    All in all, this could have been one of the games of 2009 yet it feels as though it was rushed. However, for anyone who enjoys the tactical side of war and has a great deal of patience then this is your game and i highly recommend.

  3.  Sunday Everyday!!!


    Downloaded the demo.

    Fantastic game, streets ahead of past Maddens in the series...

    Graphically its only slightly better...slight improvements in depth.

    Gameplay is slowed down to be more realistic...added movements...fight for a fumble...

    Now this is the most impressive part! Its just like watching a game on a sunday...you see fans walking into the stadium...FINALLY there are referees on the field...just in general..watch a game on a sunday and youll see it in Madden NFL 10.

    Unfortunately this is all i can tell you at the mo but as soon as i get the game ill update with things such as franchise mode!

  4.  Out of this world..


    Ive run out of adjectives to explain how good this game is....just from the demo it blew me away.....graphics, gameplay, sounds and cinematics are all on perfect show in a short demo. The only thing ive heard people moan about is the movement but this game is more realistic than any other game...the movement is so realistic and does take a little getting used to but you also have the option to change controls and increase sensitivity for the people who dont like it. So much anticipation for this game, going to be a masterpiece...

  5.  Just pure fun!!!


    This game is just simply amzing fun.....i really cant explain how much fun it is!!! its just totally different to any games out at the mo and youve got a fun single player but the main laughs come from the online....here, playing with your friends on your own and the publics levels is just i laugh a minute!! i highly reccomend this game as its just something more rewarding and pleasing to play compared to the likes of call of duty etc

  6. Pure



    4 New from  £32.31  Free delivery

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     Pure Fun


    Justa review from the demo but this is a really really really impressive game. It is so much fun to play and really easy to pick up!! Graphics are awesome and the tricks do make you smile!!! And all for 29.99??? Incredible

  7.  Has that little extra....


    firstly this is just from a demo but.......wow......

    i've never been so impressed with a demo. single player looks intense but the characters involved add some humor and variety. Visually stunning, i dont know if any one else has noticed this but the graphics are like ive never seen before......jus they seem to have a twinge....i dont know, something different that just looks awsome. The 90% destructable inviroment also makes you think more about what your doing and its consequences.

    Best game ive ever heard for sound......you actually feel likes theres a war going on around with constant bullets and explosions.

    Now on to multiplayer...i think it adds a little more to call of duty which made that such a great game. the biggest example of this is oobviously tanks and helis but you also get artillery strikes and more stuff that goes boom lol the destructable enviroment will also kill off campers and bc also lacks a jugernaught.......shame.....not.......but i think this will be bigger online than cod4.....eventually.

    i say eventually as it does have its flaws. it takes a while to get used to, ie movement controls are very sensitive. its also the controls at times can be a bit slow. knifing someone is extremely hard as you have to press two buttons and it just seems to much hassel to use.

    but honestly thats all the negatives i can think off and theres still so much i could say about the positives.....looks to be a surperb game.

  8.  great surprise!!!


    i only brought this game for me and my uncle to play in co op mode. so when i got game home i htought id jus try it out......n was pleasently surprised!!! ive been playing cod4 non stop for past 4 months so wanted something a little less serious and army of two gives you laughs, but in a serious way! graphics are really quite good, story line does the job, AI is fantastic but its when your playin it with another person it really comes alive, jus great fun to play and first good co op game since conflict desert storm!! i highly recomend this game to add to your collection.

  9.  out of this world...


    truely the best game ever made.

    storyline is gripping and you actually feel like a team, bit short but still unbelievable.

    gets better online, everything you can think of from different match types, clans, rankings, choosing you equipment....never ending fun.

    my psn is eggSTAR so if you fancy a game add me

  10.  Touchdown!!


    Being english, nfl doesnt come natural, but after watching it on t.v i thought i'd buy the game! i wasnt dissapointed!!

    Graphics are good, and it you can really feel the hits.

    franchise and superstar are two seperate long games modes so life span will be long!!

    very challenging but i think its becuase i dont really know the tactics involved lol

    and the jump from levels rookie and pro is vast......i kill teams on rookie but cant manage a victory on pro!!

    but all in all i great game if you like nfl