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  1.  The Dragon Ninja is back!


    Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 is the second game from Tecmo to be released in PS3. You play as Ryu Hayabusa, the Dragon Ninja, as a protector of light and justice. Your mission is to defeat the hordes of fiends that are trying to resurrect the Archfiend.

    If you are looking for a challenge this game is for you, just like the old days.
    Many unlockables, trophies, mission mode online mode and mission challenge will keep you busy for months.
    The pricing is not bad at all for what this game offers.

    What if you have a PS3 and a Xbox? Well, buy both games of course! Both have unique stuff to offer.

    Will you save the world or will you surrender to the Fiends?

  2.  Sonic Unleashed rules!


    Sega got right Sonic this time. The game is pretty good! The Hedgehog stages are top notch quality, great graphics, the speed gave me chills at some points... it really feels like you are running at the speed of sound. The Werehog stages are fun, it's a mix between God of War and Kingdom Hearts, but with a Werewolfic Sonic, perhaps the worst part of these stages is that the enemies are kinda weak, at least as far as I got into the game.
    The cutscenes are very neat and beautiful, Dr. Robotnik at its best!
    The game is pretty long, and if you go after the trophies it can be very very long, since it will take some time to master the speed stages.
    Oh, I almost forgot, you can listen to your custom soundtrack in this game! Just push the PS button and navigate through to get to the music button in the XMB and select your tracks!

    All in all is a great game one of the best platformers in the PS3 catalogue. 9/10

  3.  Reach out the truth!


    I received this game a few weeks ago and I have already completed it!
    I couldn't stop playing its so addictive and the plot is so genius you won't want to play something else!
    I feel a bit bad for completing it already, but this game has a lot of replay value and a expert mode that will prove a great challenge.
    It took me 80 hours to fully complete it.

    By the way, you can control your team in battle, that's the main difference with Persona 3 where you had to command your team by indirect orders.

    Sit back and enjoy this masterpiece!

  4.  Unleash the demon inside


    SMT: Lucifer's Call, known as Nocturne in Japan is one of the most intense SMT games ever. You play as a young man that presences the end of the world, and you become a new demon thanks to your tutor, Lucifer. A devastated Tokyo opens in front of you and a world plagued with demons and souls.
    There are many endings to this game, 4 to be exact if I'm correct.
    The game will last you 60 hours if you go for the longest ending.

    Since this is a 2003-04 game, graphics are kinda outdated, since Atlus never pushes the limit in graphical sense.
    Some dungeons can be a nightmare, especially when you lack from certain demons.
    The music and themes are pretty good, different tunes for different areas and battles. Dante appears in the game as an enemy, and later in the game you can recruit him to aid you in battle as another demon.

    All in all, SMT Lucifer's Call is an excellent game that doesn't have anything to do with other RPGs like Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest, since it's more adult oriented.

  5.  Playing detective


    I got this game by mistake and well, I'm pleased that it was a mistake.
    The game is not bad at all. The best part is the combat system. Since it's an action RPG, you can slash your enemies and summon demons to help you out. You can also control demons and play as them if you select the solo option. The main character also carries a gun with special bullets (fire, wind, ice, etc).

    Fusions are present too, as the Devil Chart is.

    As far as I have played the story doesn't disappoint. You are a young detective that has received the power of summoning demons. You must investigate the disappearance of a young girl and uncover the truth.

    The environments aren't in 3D, I don't know how to explain it, but if you have played Residen Evil or Final Fantasy IX, that's how the stages and areas are like.

    So my advice is that if you are a SMT fanatic you must buy it. It's a good change from the turn system games.

    Now lets hope for the next chapter to arrive to Europe!

  6.  Very fun game


    This game is so fun, you will laugh a lot. There's nothing better than throwing people around and destroying the city.
    The graphics are OK but not great. It has a very nice music selection.
    It does not have trophies.

    There are many tasks and minigames to play with. I would buy it.

  7.  Rubbish, avoid like the plague.


    Last Remnant is terrible, one of the worst RPGs I have played.
    You dont want to mess with the battle system, believe me. Many slow downs and many loadings make this game nearly unplayable.

    If you want to play a good RPG get Lost Odyssey or Fallout 3.

  8.  Atlus-Awesome. Very addictive.


    This game is one of the best RPG out there, surpassing FFXII.
    Turn based game where you can create your own monsters to aid you in battle, you take the role of a young man in a high school.

    The game is in English and doesnt have any language selector.

  9.  Laughable


    This game doesnt scare at all, the weapons are terrible, enemies act stupid and maps are boring without any detail. It's short.

    Please, save yourself the hassle to play such a terrible title.

  10.  Best shooter 2008


    I'm in the beta and all I can say is, yes, Resistance 2 truly deserves the hype, the score, and the sales.

    Cooperative mode is just too fun to give up. The graphics are amazing and how everything flows without a single hitch is just intense.

    My jaw literally dropped when I first saw the San Francisco level, there were so many dropships, motherships, and Chimera ships flying high above, you would have thought it was a cut-scene, but no, my player was in motion and everything was silky smooth like butter.