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  1.  What's wrong with you people?


    I disagree with this constant nonsense that the plot of this film is too hard to follow.

    Yes, people are entitled to an opinion. However, this film is pretty straightforward, and managed to captivate my attention from start to finish.

    Sandra Bullock is excellent as usual. Look out for the scene when it is revealed her husband is dead, and the ones following for proof of her outstanding performance.

    The story is strong, and all the pieces fit together without being clichéd. There's even a strong moral message to top it off.

    I was skeptical as to whether this film would work, having read reviews and seeing the average star rating on IMDB.

    But it goes to show how you have to learn from your own experience.

    Good stuff!

  2.  Clever


    This is what we want. Contrast. A bit of both. Happiness and sadness. Light and dark. A balance of both so that the viewers keep watching. Now avid Buffy fans will know that that is what was produced with every season.

    But season five is considered the point at which the writers of Buffy truelly found themselves. Storylines became deeper and more moving, and no story seemed too rushed.

    This is what kept me watching, along with the intelligence that came into the main plot of season five. We are introduced Buffy's 14-year-old sister Dawn, a shock as:

    (a) Buffy was, before this point, referred to as an only child on many an occasion, and...

    (b) those around Dawn treat her as though she has always been there.

    But this strange appearance does not come without a thorough and enthralling storyline, as Buffy and the rest of the Scooby Gang find out in this season.

    It would be silly of me to say the obvious. "Great, shocking, must-see TV" etc.

    Instead, I'll say that Season five is one of the best in the series. It's a solid reason for the show to make new fans as well as keep the old ones.

    Finished or not, Buffy remains today one of my favourite TV shows.

  3.  Argh


    I really don't know what it is about Avril Lavigne that keeps me listening. She likes to say 'Yes', 'No', 'Hey' and 'Oh' an awful lot and, if you listen really really hard, most of her songs are so similar, you can sing the lyrics from one to the tune of another. There's just a change in tempo.

    However I still like her. She has a strong voice, and it's one that's great to listen to. And the slight change in sound between each album is also appealing. It's nice to see a bit of diversity.

    But here, there's a flaw in choice of sound -A flaw that can be held responsible for the fact that the lyrics are poor, and take Avril down on the maturity scale rather than up. It's awfully Poppy.

    And yet again, Avril hammers a certain theme within her songs. The girl who likes the boy who's with somebody else. It's all becomes a bit tedious by track 3.

    Let's hope Avril's next recording gets her back on track muscially.

  4. Robyn


    Robyn - CD

    2 New from  £5.17  Free delivery

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     Cheese - I love it!


    Released originally in April '07, pulled from the shops, and re-released in August.

    This album is Electro-Pop cheese, but still manages to please the ears. Robyn's not-so-strong but nice voice works well worth her choice of genre, and is sometimes reminiscent of Rihanna.

    The first UK single from it, 'With Every Heartbeat', is a sure hit. In the clubs if not in the charts. And the remake of Rock song 'Cobrastyle' manages to convert the song from one genre to another quite effectively.

    A nice first album, but a very acquired taste: Cheddar.

    Oh, and who remembers Robyn from the 90's?

  5.  Excellent!


    Whether you are a Madge fan or not, you cannot argue that she doesn't know how to pen a catchy tune. Here we have a bunch of tracks that say just that.

    It was nowhere near as successful as the majority of Madonna's other studio albums, probably due to the unpatriotic and therefore controversial approach when writing it. However many of her true fans, and even Madonna herself, consider this one of her best recordings.

    Madonna maintains her Pop/Dance sound with this album, but twists it with a more mellow sound and a lot of acoustic guitar. This may seem monotonous, but is in fact the opposite.

    What Madonna makes up for here with catchiness, she lacks in lyrical talent. She sings a good tune, but with words such as "I cried and cried and cried all day until the neighbours went away", you may occasionally find yourself making the odd cringe.

    Still great though.

  6.  A letdown


    Season Two of Desperate Housewives was certainly to be anticipated. What, with being the follow-up to one of the most popular TV shows (globally) of the early 00's. Very sadly (and shockingly), many - including myself - felt that with the next offering was less original and intriguing as it's predecessor, and more a tying-up of weak ends left swinging at the end of Season One.

    It was also slated for it's mediocre main plotline, consisting of the new neighbours, the Applewhites, and the noises in their basement.

    However, when taking Season Two for what it is, and not comparing it to Season One, what's left behind is some good laughs and some new, attention-holding side-plots.

    One the collectors will have to have, but others should either rent or borrow.

  7.  Why couldn't it have stayed this way?


    Desperate housewives brings viewers into the lives of four women; Susan Mayor (Hatcher), Bree Van De Kamp (Cross), Gabrielle Solis (Longoria), and Lynette Scavo (Huffman). It's main plot revolves around their late neighbour Mary-Alice Young. The ladies of Wisteria Lane continually come across clues, clues that point towards a dark secret, and the reason why Young decided to end her life so abruptly.

    In contrast, 'DHW' also holds a comedic angle which effectively keeps a balance between serious and lighthearted. We also get an insight into the everyday problems the neighbours face, and how they (very humorously) challenge them.

    With the excellent way in which the writers did their work, and the equally unique approach to direction, 'Desperate Housewives' (Season One) is captivating from start to finish.

    With a letdown as immense as Season Two, it's hard to believe that this perfected classic came from the same people.

    Don't let that put you off, though. If you've seen it before, I'm sure you'll agree it's a must-have. For those who haven't, I promise you - you'll feel satisfied with your purchase.