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  1.  Well make something up!


    HAHAHA this show had me in tears at one gag, loved it. it did have some dull moments as all stand ups do but recently i have watched the new billy connolly dvd, kevin bridges and this! they are all good but i have to say this one had me laughing the hardest.

  2.  avoid if your a fan of the games


    If you are like me and were a fan of the games then this film will do little but dissapoint you. They do not follow any story remotley similar to any of the games, the prince barely even touches the dagger of time and it is just one long bore.

    very poor film.

    maybe something for the kids.

  3.  BONES!!!!!ahh bones!


    Holy flipping heck this film was bad. Hands down the worse film i seen in the cinema this year, followed closly by transformers 2.

    Within 2 minutes of the film starting i was cringing as a 6 or 7 yr old wolverine has bones (yes bones) coming out of his hand. These plastic looking knobbily bones are meant to be some sort of answer as to why he has claws. Surely if they can cover his entire skeleton in metal then they could have put an mechanism in his hand? Not a comic book lover but loved batman, batman returns, batman begins, dark knight, incredible hulk and iron man. This film is shockingly bad with laughable cgi.

    Avoid at all costs if u like films! Probally good in the eyes of a simple minded 13 yr old with a fascination of x-men. If that's not u, do not buy!

  4.  Freshpoint


    Great game, as every1 so far has stated it's a war simulator, it's advertised "as close to war as you'll ever want to get" and it hit the nail on the head. Very tough and very rewarding. Certain things just bring it to life, i shot down an enemy gun ship, while it crash landed it didn't kill the crew and they set off a signal flare so other enemies knew where they were. Just one of the little and magnificent ai traits that of2: Dr is oozing with.

    Great game for those who love a tough challange. More for the ghost recon fans.

  5.  As real as you'll get without stepping into the ring!


    This game is magic! It's so much faster and looks better, feels better than fight night round 3, only slight let down was having to learn the new controls but after 5 or 6 fights it feels great!

    So much more realistic than any other boxing game. I was beating a rival to a pulp in the 4th round, knocked him down twice, he got up, i rushed in with a haymaker, he caught me with a counter uppercut and my boxer fell forward into his arms and onto the deck, cudn't recover, too big of a hit! you need to fight smart, doesn't mean you can't dominate though.

    Also a nice touch is the ref calling off the fight if you keep flooring the other guy, will call it off at a 5, 6 count or whatever.

    if you liked any other fight night i suggest you buy this! will have you amused for months to come! i'm addicted.

  6.  great demo...if it was released 5 years ago!


    The demo has ps2 graphics and gameplay to boot! This is strictly for die hard lotr fans.
    The gameplay is bland and repetative, hack and slash your way through the demo with no feeling of self accomplishment, orcs die with 1 hit. I ran into a crowd of about 30 orcs, 4 or 5 combos and they were all dead, i didn't lose any health. I agree with the review that it reminds me of dynasty warriors, that in my opionion that is a bad thing.
    I was hoping for a decent lotr rpg, guess i'm still left waiting. Play demo before purchase, i'm glad i did.