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  1.  top quality


    was looking to upgrade the audio cables connecting sky to my soundbar, and these did just the trick,

    solid build, good quality.

  2.  how games should be


    any dissapointment with this game is purely down to high expectations.

    this stays true to the orginals but with just enough new twists to keep it fresh.without straying too far.

    and the best part ? it manages to be addictive, remember games that were additive ??!

  3.  Best laptop i could find for £500


    I spent so long deciding which laptop to buy, that when everywhere went out of stock of this I ended up ordering it 5 times from 4 different websites before i actually got it.

    worth the wait, and i wouldn't have settled for anything else.

  4.  5* just due to the price !


    if i'd paid rrp for these i would probably have rated them 4*.

    they are decent enough, impressive for the size, but there has to be some compromise for the size and price and if your expecting that then you'll be more than happy.

    work better for certain music without need for so much base.

  5.  hours of fun


    we played this for the first time last night, and it consumed our entire evening !

    been a while since a game has done that, and we're not even into the proper game yet.

    must have wii game, bargain for £11 !

  6.  Should have left this well alone


    I'd hoped the wii controls alone would have made this a worthwhile re-release, but to be honest I found them hard work especially after the joys of RE4.

    I could have made a bit more effort to get to grips with it, but found moving around the screen so awkward that after 2 days I decided to trade it in.

    Still a a great game all the same, my heart just wasn't in it.

  7.  tennis ? are you sure ??


    on the face of it this looks like a game of tennis, but in reality its far from it.

    nothing you do actually has any releation to a game of tennis, despite all the swinging around you do its mostly irrelevant to whats actually happening on screen.

  8.  Flawless


    if you don't already have this, you need it in your life.

    One of the best Hip Hop albums of all time. And I don't say that lightly.

  9.  Want to play it in the car ???


    Think again !!

    This may not be a problem for everyone, but I purchase this to play in the car as I have a USB port and Aux connect in my stereo.

    Firstly, this doesn't play through your USB port, or at least it does, but without the use of the Clip menu, so its basically a dongle.

    Secondly, trying to get it to play through the Aux caused so many issues with how the files had been saved on the clip, and so much time spent searching forums for help, I gave up.

    Two weeks after buying it, the thing still didn't do what I had got it for.

    Back to the shop for you.

  10.  Major Dissapointment


    I was bored after half an hour, just not enough to the game to make you want to continue playing it.