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  1.  A year . . . . well, a few months


    All episodes are covered here, but, sadly, they have been savagely cut to fit onto one DVD.
    I was surprised that the entire offering lasted only 4 hours - must have been only 30 minute episodes, I thought. But, while viewing, I realized the programmes had been cut severely.
    The main themes of each episode have been kept, but much of the connective content is cut out.
    Disappointing - maybe the other offerings have greater content - I advise checking total duration times on each item to avoid losing too much content.

  2.  Same old, same old


    Sadly, the same old story of reformed "naughty boy" coming to the rescue of defenceless victim.
    The titles will warn you - that yellow text, so typical of lousy 1970s pap that was churned out so prolifically with no thought for quality; just quantity.
    I'm surprised it didn't tell you it was 'In Color' or a 'Quinn Martin Production'.
    That, added to poor colour, sound and picture quality, make it one to avoid.

  3.  Total Loss


    I bought one of these as a backup for my laptop recovery files and also for data storage.
    All loaded up perfectly.
    But when I tried to access the data at a later date the unit was totally dead. It failed on 3 seperate machines.
    Never again!!
    I'll stick to a brand name from now on!

  4. Pi



    Available  used  from  £9.93



    What a let down! The story could be a real smash - the storyline has all the promise of a real top grade thriller - but the result is something a drunken art student failure tried with his super 8 camera on a bad day. Poor focus, bad camera work, black and white, grainy, bad sound, nobody with any acting skill and no visible storyline . . . need I say more?
    If only it had a budget allocated and some halfway decent actors it could be brilliant but, in its present state - don't waste your money!
    The only useful application I can see for this film is for demonstrating to students how not to do it.