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  1.  BUY THIS ONE!! You're not a music fan unless you do.


    I actually wrote a review on this album a little while ago, knowing little about The Beatles before the purchase. Now I own nearly every Beatles album and I believe that Sgt. Pepper's is their finest.

    If you haven't bought a Beatles CD before I can gaurantee that after a few plays of this you will be checking how many more tenners you have spare in order to buy some more remastered treasures.

    Sgt Pepper is an example of creativity at its peak (ok, there were reasons for that, but it was the 60's!!). Paul's 'She's leaving home' is my personal favourite, closely followed by 'Lucy in the Sky with diamonds' and 'Lovely Rita.' I simply love how each song tells a story, and by the time 'A day in the life' (maybe the best song ever written) is finished, you, like me will take a moment to breathe and think "where have the Beatles been all my life?"

  2.  I think some people are being a tad biased...


    I like Doherty. I've seen him live twice and I see myself as someone who can appreciate him for his artistic merits rather than ridicule him for his 'media persona,' but this is mediocre at best.

    Don't get me wrong, it has it's moments but generally it is a dissapointing album. 'New love grows on trees' is my personal favourite, along with 'I am the rain' and 'The sweet by + by,' simply because they are composed in a more mainstream fashion. Most of the others however appear jumbly, and I don't like accusing Pete of being lazy but it seems as though he's just written some average poetry and stuck some unappealing acoustic riffs ('riffs' is almost being too polite) in the background. I even find it hard to identify a chorus and a verse in some of them.

    It's a shame because I think we all know that he can do better. Perhaps he should put his guitar down for a few months and listen to some Beatles records to re-discover the mainstream creative flair we all know he can produce, or maybe he just needs a partner in crime... would Lennon have been the same without McCartney? Jagger and Richards? Marriot and Lane? Chaz and Dave? You all know what I mean.

    I'm sorry, but the truth hurts sometimes.

  3. Blur


    Blur - CD

    24 New from  £2.24  Free delivery

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     Strange but good


    Everybody has the album 'blur: the best of' right? Parklife, Country House, Song 2 etc etc, we all know the good ones. I like blur, and so do my mates, but we are all judging  blur on the 'best of' album. Being a music fan, I felt I needed to purchase an actual blur album rather than a 'best of', so I stumbled across this. It takes a few plays to appreciate this album, but there are some classic tracks on here (aside from song 2 and beetlebum). The majority of the album is a fine mixture of catchy acoustics and distorted riffs, and above all else great lyrics. 'You're so great' somehow stinks of Paul Weller. 'Chinese bombs' is great if you like the fast and furious punk style of 'song 2,' which I love. 'Strange news from another star' wouldn't look out of place on 'The White Album,' while 'Essex Dogs' is pure poetry, but you have to really listen to the lyrics to appreciate it. Don't judge this album right away, listen to it a few times. It may not be a judged as a classic, but after listening to it over and over it  is  becoming one of my favourite albums.



    This is one of those albums where i can honestly say i can listen to it over and over again and not get bored. This album has such a raw edge, and the lyrics are funny but so tragic. This is also great to play along to if you are just starting playin bass or guitar because it is limited musicianship at its very finest. Blitzkrieg bop, loudmouth, and 'i don't wanna go down to the basement' for me are the standout tracks, but they are all great. Must have for any rock fan.



    As per instruction for my music journalism work at university, i was told to look as some classic artists and write online reviews, and this album is brilliant. One of the finest ever. I have a large collection and this is up their with the best. I feel an album can be considered truly great if it grabs your attention within the first couple of plays, and i can honestly say there isn't i song i don't like. I think after hearing the beatles it is clear to see how much their work has influenced so many bands. A must buy! Ive gotta get some more lol

  6.  Quadrophenia meets Clockwork Orange meets kes


    Everything you would expect from a Shane Meadows. He truly is one of Britain's finest social realism directors, and this film does not disappoint. The performances of the entire cast are both believable and moving. The film depicts the 80's skinhead movement in such a realistic way, at times it feels more like a brutal documentary. Anyone who gives this film any less than four stars really knows little about film, and i suppose has extraordinarily high standards. Every bit as good as many of Ken Loaches finest. However, if anyone has seen ROMPER STOMPER and loved the violence, this is far less brutal, but more realistic.



    An interesting insight into the world of proffesional wrestling. See Vince Mcmahon search for 'puke' AKA Darren Drozdov.



    A unique genre of retro 60's style indie rock but with a contemporary feel. The Bishops make 'mod-beat' cool again.