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  1.  Funny and heart warming


    I first heard about this book, by recommendation via Vogue magazine a while ago. And Im not disappointed. The book begins with Carey's discovery (with help from his son) of Japanese manga, including the extemely popular Mobile Suit Gundam Wing. From this discoverey, and with help from a number of contacts, Carey and son travel to Japan to look into Japanese culture, and to find out whether there are any hidden meanings behind manga and anime that us "Westerners" would not notice. Despite the language barriers, Carey finds out alot of what he set out to find, and alot of what he wasnt expecting.....

  2.  Great game, rubbish guide book!!


    This game was one of the main reasons why I bought a D.S. I had Harvest Moon for the Gameboy Advance and the Nintendo S.P, and I loved them instantly. But with this version, I find there is little in the way of a "Story" other than the feud between the Witch and Harvest Goddess. I also had to find a website which told me where to buy certain things or where places were because the mini book which comes with the game is about as helpful as a chocolate teapot.
    On the positive side, you can now get Ducks! And the cows come in different colours, as well as the ability to stroke you animals, which gives you something to do during the Winter months. Overall a great game, just make the guide book, guide a bit better!!

  3.  Quintessentially British Humour


    Mrs Henderson Presents follows the later years of one Mrs Henderson, who after losing her husband, decides to buy an old theatre.
    But aswell as having to suffer with the roller coaster ride that is show business, she must also control her feelings towards Vivian Van Damm, her creative director, who hasnt been entirely honest with regards to his marrital status, much to Mrs Hendersons disappointment.
    This movie is full of catchy chorus lines which would be completely at home in the 1930's/40's, and Judy Dench plays the part of the rebellious Mrs Henderson with true Dench style.
    A little nudity never hurt anybody.

  4.  Amazing


    From the very first book i have been hooked on the adventures of Harry Potter. This final installment is just best way Rowling could have ended her series, and although i am disappointed it has ended, i feel all my questions have been answered. Rowling scrapes back ideas and scenes from previous books that you may not have read too much into (excuse the pun). All together, a fantastic read, and what a spin at the end!!

  5.  Holiday read


    I first read this book after finding it under my mothers bed. Thinking it was going to be another "Mills and Boon" style story, i was shocked to find this quite a refreshing read. Jewell flits between the past and present to piece together a story about lost love after a holiday (im sure alot of people can relate!)
    All together an enjoyable read, if not a tiny bit frustrating.