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  1.  People hate it, because they think its an action film!!?


    I love it how the review below mine said it was so bad, and i think we got a terrific idea of his expectations of films and his understanding, when he said waiting for "action". This is not an action film it is an intnse drama, if you like drama i can guess you will enjoy this, it is intense and almost sinister at points, Daniel Day-Lewis is superb. IF you want action given the title, turn away. It is a story of greed, obsession and mad ambition between characters who are rentlesss in their pursuit, and whose views and personalities are naturally conflicting.
    Its easy to slate a film but if you don't understand it don't bother.

  2.  Public Service message


    As a PS3 owner im sure youre aware of the lack of titles out there for us, but this game will tide me over formonths to come.
    For all tom clancy fans its a must have.
    But for those communly nota fan of thesuper-ralistic stealth games do not be fooled.
    The single player is brathtaking with spectacular graphics and gameplay suitable for a king.
    The health system follows the same guidelines of games such Cakk of duty 3 and rainbow 6 vegas.
    The idea that you need no health bar, but stay under fire for too long and you will die.
    This makes the traditional tom clancy sense of 1 shot dead over.
    But with this system you still have to be subtle, which creates a perfect blend of shooter/stelth game.
    As far as shooters goes this one ranks well.
    In ps3 shooters it ranks best.
    Many have said the gameplay is hard to pick up, but this i feel is wrong. Granted with the controls theres a little more to pick up than with the average shooter. After a few practices you'll understand the new techniques provide a deeper experience to the game. All this extra controls do, do something cool to help make a good kill.
    There is a hugely expansive multiplayer, with 40 diffrent maps.
    And too many game modes to count.
    The online is very easy to use as well which, i found, other games were not.
    So to sum up if you like tom clancy games this is for you.
    If you like shooters this is for you.
    If you like playing your ps3 this is for you.
    Good stuff.

  3.  Classic Pro Evo always beats Fifa


    I thought there was no debate about the quality of this game but nevermind i was wrong, but im not wrong about the quality of this game.
    It truly has better than any other pro evo game classic passing, shooting etc.
    What the game has really improved is running, with the right player you can do some spectacular runs.
    The master league is great buy players, win leagues and build the best team with the super stars.
    The only reason i don't give it 5*s is that the online is abmissmal. Unfortunately its always jumpy never works probably its a shame.
    But the compuer is so much like human beings now it kinda eliminates the need the online but still a shame.
    For reference PS3 magazine gave it 9/10 and once again the only complaint was the online.

  4.  In The Untouchables, it's 1930 and prohibition is in force.


    Illegal booze and mucho violence are all the rage, but of course it can't be anything to do with Al Capone (Robert De Niro) because he denies any kind of wrong-doing(!) Federal agent Eliot Ness (Kevin Costner) is the man determined to put a stop to it all, with the help of cop Jim Malone (Sean Connery).
    This is a film that needs little explanation because most people with an interest in the characters will already have seen it, but here De Niro smarms his way through his big baddie role, Costner is his usual wimpy self trying to be macho and hard and Sean Connery is... Sean Connery, as always. Of course, good will out in the end anyway.

    The thumping opening music from Ennio Morricone's score, the train station shoot-out aped in Naked Gun 33.3 and lifted from The Battleship Potemkin and the murder of Connery's character when he seems to have more lives than not only a cat but also Bond's aide Felix Leiter, are three moments sure to remind you of when you last saw this hugely-entertaining movie.

  5.  Someone said get a life, so they did.


    Thelma & Louise starts off as a simple girlie weekend away for stressed-out waitress Louise Sawyer (Susan Sarandon) and stressed-out housewife Thelma Dickinson (Geena Davis), but after an altercation in a redneck bar with the over-friendly Harlan (Timothy Carhart), after which Louise produces a gun, the girls find themselves on the run for murder.

    It's a classic road movie and as the girls drive through the desert they find themselves on the run from cop Hal Slocumb (Harvey Keitel), his superior Max (Stephen Tobolowsky) and while Louise is missed by her other-half Jimmy (the effortlessly-cool Michael Madsen), the same cannot be said for Thelma's husband Darryl (Christopher McDonald), but at least Thelma finds some solace in hitch-hiker J.D. (Brad Pitt in an early screen performance), until he steals all their money.

  6.  ...


    This game had alot of hype about it. Based on the comic ect. As a shooter fan i felt compelled to buy it. Upon playing my first impressions were that it was a good game, but as i got further ni realised that the gameplay was a bit edgy, and felt disjointed. For this game i thought the gun work was excellent, but the way to use the darkness was not thought out enough, and was very hard to use and very complicated that it became a chore to use.
    Also many things you have to do during the game, ie take out lights so the darkness can thrive, became a chore because there are so many lights. It drove me crazy.
    The online was quite obviously rushed so they could have some sort of multiplayer, and so quite obviously was not very enjoyable.
    But on the upside i will say this game has very good graphics but its nothing without a decent gameplay.
    Just want to take this chance to thank people who have deemed my feedback to be useful.

  7.  Go for it


    Well what can i say, ive been hunting for a new laptop for a coupleof months but i was looking around and the costs were steep for what they were. Im sure you may know the feeling.
    Well i went for this laptop on the basis that pc world was trying to sell it for £150 more.
    I have this laptop and its spectacular, very fast, great lcd screen.
    And some very good pre-installed programs. ie norton internet secruity, microsoft works (lastest edition), also a 80 day trial of the microsoft office 2007.
    So if you want a good laptop at a smaller price than most shops, go for it. Cause this laptop is great.
    Also i havent had to use it myself but my friend assured me that if you need technical support, in the (unlikely) event , Play.com provides excellent support.

  8.  The greatest comedies of the age


    If you havent seen them i mean its hard to say things aout the comedy. But in my eyes it has the perfect balance of slapstick comedy and clever smart ass comedy.
    Well at these prices if you like comedies its worth buying i promise you.

  9.  Very Interesting


    Really good film. It shows a spectacular insight into the world of organised crime. Shows how it affects peoples minds and lifes. It shows how people can become trapped by their own lifes and dreams.
    Its very fascinating to view a diffrent side to the gangster world, unlike other films it doesnt show the big boss living the dream as it were.
    This film shows how once men enter a world of crime it becomes impossible to leave.
    Amzing performances from jonny depp and Al pacino

  10.  Rules the battlefield


    Right this film is a non-stop action blockbuster, which although recieving mixed reviews is spectacular. The battle scenes are amazing, and something that i loved about this film was it was not ike other battle scenes which have thousands of snipets of action thrown together. I like this traditional method but its doesnt allow an indepth action sequence. Now 300 uses side-camera angles, and follows a single person or perhaps a couple. This allows such great action, and when u see it, you'll know what i mean. Finally all this diffrent methods are emphasised with slow-motion. Films which are similar to this are troy, the lord of the rings and alexander. although all sword fighting action war films are similar. But if you are a fan of action films im guessing you will enjoy this film, the action is the best ive ever seen in any sword fighting film. Enjoy it!