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  1.  Very small but maybe too small?


    This is VERY small and isn't really for moving about between devices. Once plugged into a USB port, it is automatically ready for you and comes with security essentials on it. Of course, you can delete all this if you do not care about that. The speeds are good and I have not had any issues with the device performance.

    For a netbook / laptop / PC, it should pretty much be easy to take out (with a little force). I've tried it on my PlayStation 3 (slim) and it proved to be a bit more difficult to get out, since the case goes over the ports. On the Xbox 360 (slim), I have used it on the back USB ports and if you're using other things with this, you will probably have to take those out in order to pull this out (the back USB ports). I have used common sense and decided not to put it in the front USB ports! Unless you have tiny, strong hands, I suggest not using this for devices with tight enclosures around the USB ports. You are better off getting something a bit larger from the SanDisk range or using this with a USB extender cable.

  2.  Excellent audio but cables are a problem.


    Had these for some time now and overall, excellent audio (as you would expect from Sennheiser) and a comfortable fit. However, with that being said, please read on.

    It is best to try and keep these from being knocked, pulled etc because the cables that go into them are quite thin. On the right side, the cable has become loose and eventually I guess it was pulled out too far because I can no longer hear audio in the right.

    If you take extreme care with these, then you should have a good experience. However, just after time, you may notice that even with good care, that the cables have become pulled/worn.

  3.  Excellent monitor


    I was looking for a monitor where I could connect two devices up to it (my PC and Xbox 360) and because my television had finally gave up. This one seemed a good choice as it had a DVI port and HDMI port. 24" is a decent size for me (I was good with a 19" display before).

    The native resolution is 1920x1080, which is superb for games on PC. Although, of course, when browsing the web, there's a lot of space on either side as most are suited for smaller resolutions. It's not a big deal but was expected. On a console, like the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 you can crank it up to 1080p on HDMI too.

    If you're one for having both devices on at once, then you can simply change from one input to the other by holding down a button on the front of the monitor. So, sometimes I switch from DVI to HDMI in order to access my Xbox 360. If you're switching back to the PC, make sure you 'awake' the computer if you've got it to turn off the monitor after a certain time. Otherwise, the display will just go back to the active input.

    One thing I do not like is when I turn my Xbox 360, the display doesn't come on right away - it will clip away a part of the logo sequence. It's only a short delay but once the monitor is on there should be no problems.

    Surprisingly, the sound on this monitor is good but not amazing. It's acceptable being a monitor. Setting up the monitor didn't take long. You just put the base on with the provided tools. Just tightening a few screws and you're done.

    The monitor can be moved into a portrait view, it can be raised and there are energy saving options on the OSD. Don't be fooled by the big brands like 'Acer' and 'Samsung' - this monitor by Iiyama works just fine and is a very good quality monitor. One purchase this year I don't regret.

  4.  A good piece of memorabilia.


    If you enjoyed Gears of War so much, you've probably thought about buying some memorabilia. Well, I did to say the least anyway.

    The wallet has the Crimson Skull design, which is a pretty cool thing to have on the front of your wallet. Inside, there are several parts to put your cards and money. It's not going to hold a great deal of money but most of the time I pretty much use my card for purchases.

    I have noticed, you do need to be a bit careful though when you've got coins in it. Since, sometimes they'll drop out when you go to reach for your wallet in your pocket.

    Besides that, the wallet is well, a wallet. It looks to last a while and certainly is something I am proud of owning. Any Gears of War fan should consider picking this wallet up at some point.

  5.  Comfortable and good quality headphones.


    A good price for a good set of headphones. When I opened up the package, I thought that they were only fit to go in a hi-fi system (from looking at the bigger connector on them). So, I thought I was going to have to buy some converter piece to make these work with my computer, television (late night gaming) but noticed you simply can pull off the big connector to reveal the more common, smaller connector.

    Listening to music sounds superb through these - not the best I guess but a lot better than my previous headphones that had worn away. You can hear more details in tracks that may not have been noticed so much in lesser quality headphones. These headphones are lightweight, fit comfortably and were a great bargain too. Recommended for those wanting affordable headphones with very good sound quality.

  6.  Great recording at a suitable price.


    I picked this up since this was one of Play.com's weekly offers. It's great - not just for recording television but for recording from other devices too.

    I was impressed that it could record my video games footage flawlessly from the composite connectors at the front. Worked great when recording footage from PlayStation 2.

    When I used it with the Xbox 360, I thought it only worked in 50hz but tweaking a few options in the DVD recorder's options soon let me begin recording 60hz (some video games only work in this moving image format).

    I recommend it if you want an affordable and reliable recording device for your television programmes, camcorder, video games console and more.

    The playback works great too for DVDs (you can also watch DivX encoded videos). There's a HDMI port that you can use to upscale your DVDs and also component output ports are there too. Should work well with standard televisions but also with high-definition television sets, thanks to the extra ports.

  7.  One of the best soundtracks I've heard in a while.


    The soundtrack to Halo 3 is one of the best pieces of video games music I've heard. In fact, I would go so close to call this "movie-quality" soundtrack. There are several pieces carefully orchestrated and some of my favourites include "Behold a Pale Horse", "Three Gates", "Halo Reborn" and "Finish the Fight".

    Highly recommended for its superb quality and of course to bring back memories of playing some of those levels. If only Play.com had a preview feature for albums - you would quite possibly agree that the soundtrack is very decent indeed.

  8.  Very reliable thing to have.


    I bought this over a year ago and ever since it has performed fine. It's very reliable and looks nice too. 1 GB of space is great for some music, videos and documents that you may want to keep when you go out to other places.

    Back then, this cost the around the same price as some of the higher storage ones Play.com has to offer. So, if you want more storage then look out for the Play.com blue flash drives. They're good value and very reliable.

  9.  A good family film.


    Star Kid isn't necessarily the brightest star of films out there but it sure is worth watching for the family. The character Spencer meets "Cy," whom he enters and is able to become powerful. Spencer is a shy guy and finds it hard to communicate with a girl he has a crush on. He's also the target for being picked on by the meaner, bigger bully kid.

    The opening of Star Kid is great. You see a battle literally out of this world but the part that I found really great was the transition to Earth. When the shot focuses on Earth, it transitions to a marble on the ground (back on Earth). The effect from this is amazing and you would have to see it for yourself to understand.

    So, the main character, Spencer doesn't want to upset anyone and tries to cope in awkward situations. However, things can just get too much for him at times. So, when he meets this Cyborg, he is able to get into him and take control. The differences between these characters is shown throughout the film (for example - not being able to understand jokes). It's your typical save the earth type-movie from invasion by the enemies.

    There are plenty of funny moments and really well constructed scenes. This is something that hopefully the family can enjoy. With some added emotion and some decent acting - this makes it stand out that little bit more.

  10.  A movie that truly touches your heart.


    The Cure is a very touching movie based around a young boy called Dexter with AIDS.

    Dexter befriends an older boy called Eric. The difference between Dexter and Eric is that they have very different parents. Eric at first seems to pre-judge him before finally befriending him and realising how Dexter must feel with all the intimidation. It is not taken kind-heartedly though by Eric's mother who seems to be very prejudice towards AIDS. However, as Dexter and Eric build up a strong relationship it puts them in an awkward situation of constantly being bullied by others.

    When watching, you'll begin to notice how Eric's mother reactions can be. Some you may often make you think "that's totally out" or "why is she like that?" The thing is, people need to realise AIDS simply isn't transmitted by homosexuals (as assumed by some characters in the movie). In this case, a blood transfusion caused him to get AIDS.

    Anyway, being a kid can be great fun as detailed in this movie. Eric and Dexter look out to find "The Cure" they had read about in the local newspaper. As cheesy as it may sound, that's what they try to attempt. They aim to find "The Cure" somehow. It's a summer of a true friendship.

    A great movie and recommended for a great telling of friendship.