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  1.  One Of The Better PSP Games


    I got this for Christmas and have played about 14 hours so far, it is challenging and hasn't got repetitive yet, there is so much to do in this game.

    The game is ideally suited to the PSP, the controls are superb, very simple and I like that you can save the game almost anywhere. Making it easy to pick up and play whenever you feel like and not having to worry about finding a safehouse before you get off the bus.

    The graphics are decent, nothing amazing but they do the job well. It would be nice if there were cut scenes and not just dialog along the bottom of the screen but that is my only grievance, well apart from wind effects whilst sailing but you get used to that.

    The game has so many different gameplay styles meaning there is something about Pirates you will enjoy. You get to take part in dancing mini-games, search for treasure whilst avoiding traps and predators, collect maps to reveal your next objectives, sneak out of prisons, lay siege to towns and most importantly, you get to attack shipping in the Caribbean, depending on what you need you can attack merchant ships/pirate ships/frigates/transport ships/canoes.

    All in all a very enjoyable game, definitely worth a purchase.

  2.  Better Than The Console Versions


    Well I found this game very enjoyable, a lot more challenging and way less frustrating than the Xbox 360 version.

    Ok so a lack of options is kinda annoying but this version actually takes time to master on Test difficulty, not like the boundary fest on the 360.

    Reasonable graphics, accurate teams, fun gameplay and a control system that works, it is a good game on the PSP, not outstanding but it will certainly be fun for all cricket fans.

    Finally a PSP that is not a useless port from the consoles.

  3.  It's Cheaper To Buy 2x 4GB Cards


    You can get 2x 4GB Sony Cards for under £80 on Play.com, which is good as no single file is likely to be over 4gb.

    This is ideal as you can have 1x card for games and 1x card for movies and music.

  4.  A Backwards Step


    I was absolutely hooked on the previous Socom on the PSP, it combined fun, excitement and a great online experience. However Fireteam Bravo 2 doesn't repeat that experience.

    First of all, the 2 previous reviewers are talking about the US version, the European version only allows you play v Europeans and Australians. This means only 300 or so people are online at a time.

    Well the game is very annoying, often the only way to get kills is to lie prone, this results in heavy camping. There are also hacks out for this game that give other players an unfair advantage, totally ruining what ever fun you might be having.

    The customisation is good for characters and the added weapons add extra options to the experience. The single player has been improved but if you want a good online experience then get the first Socom Fireteam Bravo.

  5.  Buggy, Annoying and Buggy


    When you first play this game you think it is great, but then as you continue to play a whole host of bugs and annoyances come to light that I'll highlight to you:

    - Ball goes through batsman's pads
    - Close catches are nearly impossible on Test difficulty
    - Keepers continually knock off the bails
    - Computer doesn't change the field
    - Batting AI is poor when setting targets

    Plus a whole lot more that you will discover after playing this game.

    There are some positives such as online play, licensed ODI events and an easy 600 achievement points but the game just feels so rushed and not worth more than a tenner imo.

  6.  Great Fun


    Well I got this game with my console and have to say that I am very surprised with how much fun it can be. The career mode is fun and difficult, particularly on harder difficulties.

    The online is good, the gametype "Cat and Mouse" is really good fun and the online community is fantastic.

    The only negatives are that the career can get repetitive after a while, cars are too easily obtained (you win 2 races and can buy a Ferrari) and there is no customisation for your cars, bar the paint jobs.

    Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable experience both online and offline, especially when you consider this a launch title.

  7.  Really Good Game


    Single player is good fun, perhaps a bit too short but the missions are long and even on the easiest difficulty the stages can be challenging.

    The multiplayer is really where the game comes into it's own a great selection of weapons, armour and customisation options, such as using the Live Vision to scan your face.

    I'd give this a 5 star if the online community was better, you can find yourself being continually voted out of games by iron fisted hosts for doing nothing wrong.

    Overall an excellent game and for the price you really can't go wrong.