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  1.  Amazing!


    It is a very creative album, it is a beautiful album once given a chance. The production values on this album are perfect and are what gives this album a nice eerie feel to it. While, all the songs flow well together too. For most people I can see it being a grower album.

    1. Fawn - A very ambitious instrumental track with a lovely score. It quietly starts off with this very funeral inspired sound on the piano and then it leads into this big band feel. It is a nice listenable track for an instrumental track.


    2. Town With No Cheer - The production on this track gives the song its edge. I wonder what era you could place this song, maybe early 90's. Scarlett doesen't have an amazing voice but in this song it blends in so well with the track it doesen't really matter. She knows the right tone and pitch to sing the song and in the end this song comes across as magnificent.


    3. Falling Down - Whether this should have been the lead single for the album is questionable? The album in my oppinon shouldn't even have singles. It is a good song there is no doubt about it but it just drags an awful lot. Even the elegant instrumental music cannot cover this up. Scarlett's voice is once again perfect with the song but we're only 3 songs in and its starting to get a bit weary.


    4. Anwhere I Lay My Head - Well as you know this is the title track of the album and the album starts to pick up some pace. Scarlett sounds like a very masculine "Gabrielle" in this song, but either way its brilliantly sung once again. This songs instrumental is wonderful with some beats added in for good measure.


    5. Fannin' Street - This song certainly fits well in the 80's. The production is great once again with the drum beats really fitting brilliantly with Scarlett's voice. This is a catchy song, and the added vocals from David Bowie add some extra fun to the song. It's a catchy song which you would sing a long to even if you didn't know the words. Though having said that its not too catchy.


    6. Song For Jo - The only original song on the album and it fits perfectly with the others due to the amazing instrumental score in it. However, it does feel like a bit of a filler song and feels like there isnt much to it.


    7. Green Grass - By this stage the album begins to seem a little repetitive. This isn't a bad song, I mean its beautifuly sung by Scarlett and has a nice Bjork/Enya feel to it this song. It's a shame this song sounds like the others because on its own its perfect.


    8. I Wish I Was In New Orleans - I get this christmassy feel to this song. It sounds very Norah Jones influenced. This is the most beautifuly sung song on the album. It has some peaceful and melodic tunes. Not so sure about this song.


    9. I Don't Want To Grow Up - If Blondie & Madonna(in the 80's) were to create a song it would sound something like this and by far it is the best track on the album. It is catchy, with some "Like A Virgin" style beats. The production is at its best


    10. No One Knows I'm Gone - The album has really started to pick up. This time it sounds like Imogen Heap & U2 have got together and made a song. Scarlett really sounds effortless when she sings and it sounds simply beautiful. For a 2 minute song its wonderful and doesen't drag.


    11. Who Are You - A nice enough ending to the album. Scarlett sounding a bit scarily like Annie Lennox on this track.


    As said earlier, it is a very creative album. I know for a fact not many people will enjoy it purely because of its dated sound but for its sound alone it makes it an amazing album.

    Overall: 4.5/5

  2.  Back With A Bang!


    Janet uses digitalized pop to spark life into these songs which are all mostly danceable.

    Janet has released a few "dud" albums and now she is finally back into the zone as the Queen of Pop in "Discipline".

  3. Spirit


    Leona Lewis - CD

    15 New from  £2.18  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.13

     First Impression: Great


    Possibly the only decent singer to have come from "The X Factor" this is such a brilliant album.

    From the single "Bleeding Love" to "I Will Be" the album is nicely balanced with ballad and pop.

  4.  Buy it For the Arc Of Infinity.


    These are hardly stand out episodes. Time Flight is just terrible. And The Arc Of Infinity is nothing worth writing home about but it does have its moments. The nicely polished CGI with it is rather nice.

    I'd recommend any other 5th Doctor story out on DVD at the moment preferably the Visitation.

  5.  Just Keep Rocking


    Oh it is such an enjoyable album like its predecessors, but this album has more heart as a few songs are based around emotions and issues including "Dear Father".

    Sum 41 used to have the habit of releasing albums which all sounded more or less of the same, this album is a little bit different which is a start. I mean "Ma Poubelle" is in french, but their songs which are quite different happen to be not so great as there rock songs but it is nice to hear a difference.

    An album worth buying.

  6.  A Nice Heart


    The album has so much heart, you can tell this from the lead single "Bad Day". While I am fed up slightly of the great negativity surrounding the album. Daniel Powter has a rather nice, but perhaps slightly unoriginal voice which he puts to good use. The closest nowadays I could compare to him would be Mika but they are still light years apart from each other.

    It is a good album with a lot of catchy songs(not all good) but it is the nice pop/ballad tracks that I enjoy including "Free Loop", "Styrofoam"(the lyrics aren't exceptional but its a great song), "Bad Day".

    Worth buying.

  7.  Hail The Talent Of Britain


    Her music shows a lot of variety. Her previous album "Frank" was more R&B influenced, while this album is more 60's soul stylised.

    The upbeat songs are the most enjoyable on the album with a few exceptions "You Know I'm No Good" and "Back To Black" which are also sensational songs.

    "Tears Dry On Their Own" along with "Rehab" are some of the most uplifting songs on the album. While, "Tears Dry On Their Own" is surely the best song on the album with not only excellent singing but a rather catchy tune. What stops this album from achieving the 5 Stars is the negative atmosphere surrounding a majority of the songs "Wake Up Alone" a main example and even the sign of heartbreak shouldn't be done in a way to make the listener feel sad. We need more happy songs!

    There are some great song and there are some 'not so great songs' but surely its still a good album.

  8.  Great As Ever


    The White Stripes best factor is that the variety in their music is huge. Their last album "Get Behind Me Satan" was an incredibly controversial album dividing fans after their phenomenal album "Elephant". Yet they still keep challenging us with new and different styles.

    The lead song "Icky Thump" is variety on a whole new level, containing loads of instruments and even the music video was wonderfully made.

    Not every song on the album is amazing, there are some exceptions "Prickly Thorn, But Sweetly Worn" which apart from the end has surprisingly no vocals whatsoever apart from the end. "St. Andrew (This Battle Is In The Air) " is also rather like the former track almost as if they are two joined songs but the style of the song is slightly displeasing. No song goes beyond the 2 Star mark which is a great start and a majority of the songs in my opinion get 5 Stars.

    Even if you are not a fan it is still a rather enjoyable listen. It is by far one of there best albums along with "Elephant". Maybe the White Stripes were born to be successful.

  9.  Her Weakest Album


    It is has some great songs but its nothing different. Most of the tracks on the album sound the same. The ballads are done extremely well but do get boring after a while. It lacks the fun factor of "Breakaway" while it relishes some of the soulful talent of "Thankful" it still has a lot of work to do.

    It is different to a lot of her stuff, "Never Again, Haunted, Can I Have A Kiss" are the only really fun songs on the album while the albums boasts of a few great Ballads. If your a fan you'll probably love it and write rave reviews but if you are new to her then maybe just buying the singles will do.

    The album lacks variety but is still enjoyable.

    Best Song: Sober (New single)

  10. Riot


    Paramore - CD

    32 New from  £4.29  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £4.67

     A Nice Album


    The first album "All We Know Is Falling" was a pretty good album and it would be hard to top that. I'd say more or less both albums are the same. While "All We Know Is Falling" sounds far more commercial and has a hell of a lot more drive with a tinge of emotion and "Riot" is more or less of the same cool stuff.

    Paramore are finding it hard to reinvent their material again. But if its enjoyable to listen to and if they enjoy themselves then what the hell.

    It worth listening to.