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  1.  The Most Frustrating Game


    Possibly the most irritatingly bad game I've played in a while. I sat down this afternoon hoping to play something with a bit of atmosphere, a sense of purpose. But there is no sense of achievement in jogging, very very slowly, towards a horde of beasts that are quite honestly ridiculously easy to button mash your way past. Let's put it this way, I feel ripped off and I payed a tenner for it.

  2.  40 Quid?!


    I don't know about anyone else, but I didn't pay £300 for a next gen console when they bring out this kind of third rate gameplay, nintendo wii shoddy graphics with a frankly pathetic concept. My copies going back, I don't know how quite yet but I'm getting my £40 back.

  3.  The Best Out


    It is a fantastic looking FPS for starters, the graphics are top notch and the story mode, although unlengthy, serves its purpose enough as the dialogue is witty, the plot itself is quite good and the cutscenes are long enough to let you know what's happening but short enough so you don't start to yawn in boredom.
    Shooting the gun is satisfying, as is getting a headshot with a sniper rifle. The destruction dynamics are superb and really do keep you amused online.
    However, the online is tiresome. The one game mode gets boring extremely quickly, and would benefit from some more. And the online lag, when you can actually connect to EA's servers, is appauling. You find yourself standing on a completely flat surface trying to snipe someone and start sliding down an invisible bank, for example. The sniping is poor, and so is the long range shooting as you constantly find yourself missing because the shot can take anywhere between 1-2 seconds to reach its target. Saying this, the Vehicles are brilliant, the range of options available to you when playing online ie. healing teammates, fixing tanks, guiding in missiles etc etc. is good, as is the ranking system. It's a game good enough to make me stop playing COD4 whenever I feel a trigger finger itch coming on, but it's just a shame the abovementioned flaws are enough to almost completely ruin an otherwise brilliant FPS experience. Hopefully EA will sort this out and bring out some updates, but I wouldn't hold my breath if FIFA 08's online is anything to go by.

  4.  What Hed Kandi Used To Be


    This is the perfect album for the summer. It's full of funky and previously unheard mixes and songs. The layout is fantastic, with each song moving into the different areas of funky house with some soulful tunes, bongo rhythms and just that classic funk which everyone who likes Doyle's music will love.
    As said above, it really is what Hed Kandi aspires to be and falls pathetically to the wayside. The originality of this album is surprisingly good, and really can make you smile when the sun's shining. A classic album from Doyle which shouldn't be overlooked. And if you haven't heard Doyle's music before, I urge you to give this album a try as I'm sure it'll be worth it.

  5.  Haze


    This game had so much potential. The concept to the storyline is very good and had obviously been well planned, while the weapon's are varied, and has some very intriguing features such as the special abilities of the mantel and the opposing promise hand groups.
    While this game had been well planned, it's been let down on the technical side. The graphics aren't what you expected they would be when you bought your PS3, as most games haven't lived up to the obvious graphical capabilities the PS3 has to offer and this is, I'm afraid, no exception. The environment is what can only be described as nintendo wii standard and the explosions aren't exactly 'take your breath away'.
    The AI could have been smarter, and are very easy to kill. The cut-scene's dialogues aren't the best, and the vehicles are, at the very most, below average. The missions are varied which does add some enjoyment, but are let down that sometimes you spend 10 minutes working out what you actually have to do.
    As said, some of the concepts to the game and the different objectives to the mission are really enjoyable, but it just lacks to what it could have been. Overall, middle of the road stuff. If the producers manage to iron out the issues and come up with another varied and exciting idea of a game, the sequel should be very good.

  6.  Not What It Used To Be


    This is not a CD which is meant to be a compilation of classics, and yet it is. Under Mark Doyle, it was a CD compilation used to explore new realms of house music and thus threw up fantastic tunes. Now, it's just a load of tracks that most already own. Again, the MOS screws things up. Personally, I wouldn't bother with this. All of the life from the old Hed Kandi has been sucked out. Go for the above mentioned Fierce Angel series, Doyle's current project for some new, funky tracks.

  7.  Classics


    A couple of top notch tracks on there. I'm not a garage fan as such, but I do like it bits of it here and there. Thus, this album gives some classic tracks, some I'm not keen on but that's really each to their own. Would recommend, is worth it for some good parties and there are a couple of tracks on there which are great chill out tunes! A good mixture and a good album.

  8.  Griffin Reflect Case


    Very good quality product. Protects well, and is a perfect fit with no movement from my ipod inside. Extremely stylish aswell, which is a major plus. The reflection and the sheen on the case is a classic touch, and makes the already stylish ipod look even better. As said before, can smudge but it's very easily wiped off! Only one small problem, found that in bright sunlight it can be quite difficult to see the screen, other than that it's a top notch ipod case!

  9.  Keep Your Money!


    This game has poor graphics, extremely frustrating online play only matched by it's poor single player 'campaign' mode which is no more than running around an inexpansive map over and over. This can't really be put down too harshly, as there are worse out there but there's also alot better.

  10.  Too Good


    The main reason for the title is that it is literally too good. It's quite addictive and many a time have I had afternoons dissapear because of it, but it's not the impact it has on your social and work life that's the bad thing as I generally can put it down if I really and absolutely have to.
    The problem with this game is that it makes you dissapointed in every other game you own, I recently purchased Turok and immediately complained about it due to the inferior graphics and gameplay to COD4 and yet, given time it is infact a very enjoyable game. COD4 really is that impressionable and high quality!
    The only quarrle I have with this game is that there aren't enough new environments to play in online, and the storyline isn't lengthy enough. Despite this, it's hard to see why an individual wouldn't want to get this game.