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  1.  Excellent value for money


    This mouse is very well built (I have already accidentally knocked it onto a hard floor from about 4 feet and it is fine), it is precise, responsive and lag free. I use my computer for gaming and have found it more than upto the job for this, which considering the price is saying alot. I don't find it quite as comfortable to hold as my old mouse but that is more down to personal preference than anything (I had been using the same mouse for about 6 years so my hand had pretty much moulded to it). I can't really say if the battery life will last as long as claimed as I've only owned it for about 3 months, but I am a fairly heavy user and the batteries are still going strong. All considered I don't think you are going to get a better constructed or performing mouse for the same price, and would highly recommend it.

  2.  Worst version of a brilliant game


    First the game itself, it is brilliant. Beautiful, stylish, emotional and fun. The world (Hyllis) is not only aesthetically stunning, but the unique culture, architechture and such, makes it seem fresh compared to other action adventure games. The music is always spot on, from the catchy tunes in the Akuda Bar and Mammago Garage, to the epic orchestral ending theme. It also contains some brilliant characters such as Pey'J and Double H which will keep you laughing whilst you are saving the world.

    It is very short, and very easy, but I would always put quality before quantity. This is my personally favourite game of the whole last generation (i.e. the DC/PS2/GCN/XBOX years) even above games like ICO and Half-Life 2.

    Now the bad...

    I bought this because I already owned the Xbox version and it was one of my favourite games ever, but I now never use my Xbox so having the Windows version seemed more convenient. It is still a fantastic game, but the controls are much worse than it's console counter parts, as for some strange reason it won't allow you to use a gamepad. This version also has no graphical improvments over the console versions to make up for it (other than being able to play it in higher resolutions, obviously).

    I would still recommend this to anyone who has never played it, but if you can get a hold of one of the console versions, get that instead.