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  1.  What Happened?!!


    After playing Resident Evil 5 I was so excited for the release of Resident Evil 6, RE5 was for me to date the best game out for the PS3 so when RE6 came out I had high hopes....BOY was I disappointed! The graphics are no where near as good, the controls are completely different and the game play itself is just all cut scenes! What happened to the beloved treasure from Resi Evil 5?? No more treasure instead something called EXP points which gives you the option to upgrade certain things which is no where near as good in my opinion! The makers have completely changed the game when it didn't need changing at all, we wanted more of Resi Evil 5 but with new characters and levels and maybe a few new things to add to what was already an amazing game! please can resident evil 7 be more like RE5! ;-(

  2.  Amazing!!


    I cannot believe that this game has got a few bad reviews, this game is really enjoyable to play and the graphics are unbelievable! You can approach the game with a kill on sight attitude or stealth your way through the game making silent kills and disposing of the bodies, overall this game definitely receives 5 stars off me :-)

  3.  Best Gangster Film Ever!!


    This is easily the best gangster film ever (joint with Godfather Part 2), the Blu-Ray transfer is one of the best I have seen (and i have over 110 Blu-Rays) and if you owned the DVD version before you will 100% be able to see the difference!

  4.  A Must Buy!!!


    Cannot understand why this game has only received an average rating of 3.5 stars, graphics are amazing, storyline is its usual best and this game can be played over and over again without getting bored! A must buy!

  5.  Amazing!!!


    What more is there to say that other reviewers havent about this game! Not a lot really! Stunning graphics, amazing story line, amazing game play! just buy!!

  6.  Do Not Listen To Negative Reviews!


    I cannot understand why people are complaining about Steam when loading football manager, its so much easier to use and you only need the internet when installing the game, after that you dont need the internet as you can play the game in "offline mode" - I can understand people's frustration who do not have the internet and many years ago this would be totally understandable but most people who own a computer in this day and age usually have the internet.... Thats aside the game itself has improved a lot and the last 2 football managers I wasn't too keen on due to the computer's A.I and also just how unrealistic some of results were on previous versions. This has been corrected and there is so much more you can do in FM12, the game is much more detailed and I cannot stop playing it since i purchased it, dont think of buying this, just do it! Anyone who loved the FM franchise will not be dissapointed.

  7.  One Of The Best Albums I've Listened To In A Long Time!!


    This album in my opinion has not really got one bad song on it, a music buy for all who liked Lana Del Rey's "Blue Jeans" & "Video Games" as all the songs are on a par with both - A++++++

  8.  In The Top 3 Of My All Time Favourites!!!!


    First of all I will get my only criticism of this out of the way, the blu-ray itself came in a thin cardboard case instead of a proper case, this is however my only complaint and has nothing to do with the film in any way. Mesrine is one of my favourite films of all time, vincent cassell deserves acclaim for this performance and the subtitles do not put you off at all, if anything it adds to the film and keeps you glued to the tv. This film is a the french version of goodfellas and is packed full of action and has a mafia type storyline, I cannot recommend highly enough, it keeps you gripped all the way through and is split into 2 parts which are both equally as good. The quality of the blu ray is crisp and is a bargain at this price, do not hesitate, buy this now.

  9.  C&C At It's Best!


    I had my doubts that C&C could be played with enjoyment on anything but the PC but I am pleasantly surprised, the graphics are pretty good and the missions are very well put together, for me at this price this game should be in most peoples games collections and espiecially for all those who love the C&C franchise. The trophies are fairly easy to obtain also which is another plus! 4 Stars!

  10.  5 Star All The Way!!!


    This is the first game I ever bought for my PS3 and provided me with endless hours of entertainment, even now after owning this games for a couple of years I still find the urge to play it. The graphics are up there with games released recently and the game play is very very clever, I just hope they release another similar Tom Clancy game in the near future because I for one will def be buying it!!! 5 Stars!