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  1.  A must have for everyone BUY IT


    I really really enjoyed this game..even if you dont like the films but are a fan of the lego game series...you should definatly buy this...its one of most fun games iv played in a long time iv played threw a few times and i dont think im ever going to get rid of this game even tho i have a 1000/1000...its one of funnest 1000 gamerscore iv had so far people of all ages will love it....Star wars and indy are completely different so there not going to be the same..the only thing thats makes star wars that very tiny bit better is the fact that theres more characters and there more memorable and bearing in mind there was 6 of those films and this games made out of 3...so BUY BUY BUY BUY its worth every penny

  2.  SOOOO much fun


    this game is a definate must buy...for everyone..people will think "oh its gonna have bad graphics and crap.game play" but its the opposite i was very impressed i just recieved it today i couldnt put it down till i finished it and i definatly will play it again..its appropiate for all ages and will make you chuckle in places...Kids will love watching the cute lil animals kick butt..its worth the money and a keeper to play over and over

  3.  Its own game in its own right


    everyone likes comparing fps to other fps's but every game is different in its own right...bf:bc is completely different to the other bf's its next gen it will never be COD4 and is nothing like it but if your a fan of these sort of games its one to buy because it will give you lots of pleasure and fun and definatly will have you swearing when people get impossible kills after youve put a whole clip into them...lol...the single players quite fun but isnt to hard and not many games give you a challenge these days...ITS a definate MUST BUY its FUN, GOOD GRAPHICS, HOURS OF FUN

  4.  i loved this game


    this game is soo much fun i was addicted for a while till i got other games...they say about the gow 2 content just to make people buy it but its not all that wait a while and im sure it will come out on xbox market place..the graphics look exactly like gow..so if you like that you will love this...the best thing about this game has to be the way they blow into little pieces i love it...its very fast paced takes a while to get the hang of it but after that... fun will last for hours but like every first person it can become a bit repetitive....its definatly worth a buy..Everyone has different views of games so the only thing i can say is try it for yourself

  5.  Not great graphics but is really fun and easy to play


    I really like this game but thats probably because im such a sucker for kiddy adventure games. I really enjoyed it...the graphics arnt fantastic but it doesnt really matter because its just really fun.. any persons children who have seen this film and liked it should get this game because it has different seens from in between the movie and they will just love it and i think secretly adults will to. Its not a hard game to complete..doesnt take much thinking for adults...so go ahead buy this game if you want some fun and easy game play and not just for graphics

  6.  Button bashing at its worst...soooooooo SLOW


    I bought this game because i thought it would be like the good old track and fields...but i was sadly mistaken...its incredibly hard to get anywhere with this game i was so dissapointed its, One if your a huge fan of the olympics...but definatly not one if you just want to play for the fun because thats what it lacks the "FUN" part its very hard to button bash with the xbox controllers so you seem to go very slow iv spent way to much time swearing at the screen because it wouldnt go fast enough...so only buy if you really really want it but if your buying just to see what its like i wouldnt even bother its a huge waste of money and your better off waiting till it comes out in the bargain buckets

  7.  i got so bored


    i thought it was atleast going to be scary i have yet to poop my pants this game is more comic than scary i thought it was hilarious and so dissapointing..i got so bored i fell asleep and i love my games but i had to leave this one on the shelf way to hyped up to much talk and not enough....well you tell me