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  1.  Wow!


    I'll keep it short and sweet as there's more than enough reviews about it already.
    Size of a small satsuma, booming sound and bass the size of a house!

    It's AWESOME!

    Just do yourself a big favour and get it!

    (Plus on here it's less than half the price the rip-off merchants are selling it for on a certain auction site.)

  2.  If You Do Nothing Else In Your Life, Buy This


    This series just gets better with each new one. Series 3 is by far the sharpest, wittiest and funniest yet. All concerned, from actors, writers and cameramen deserve to be showered in BAFTA's.
    Malcolm Tucker is in all probability the only politician I would consider voting for. Capaldi gets all the killer lines, which include the some of the best put-downs in British comedy history.
    It's an absolute masterpiece of television.

  3.  Badly Let Down By The Dev Team.....


    Where do I start? I am so disappointed with this game. I was a huge fan of Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis which was way ahead of any other PC game of its type so waited with baited anticipation for this one some 8 years down the road.
    Result? After lauding the game for years and telling all my COD fanboy mates that THIS would be the FPS game to top them all I've been made to feel like a false prophet.
    The split between Bohemia Interactive and Codemasters has obviously resulted in the wrong team being left to develop the game! OFPCWC was great fun with realism abound. Single missions, helicopter missions, Special Ops missions were all there (albeit on PC but surely they could have replicated on console?) whilst OFP2DR is decidedly limited to say the least. Graphics are not of the quality one would expect and online play is patchy and glitchy. To top it all, a lot of features promised by the Dev team are simply non-existent, despite assurances to the contrary.
    If memory serves me correctly there were 41 missions to be completed in OFPCWC in order to finnish the campaign.
    In Dragon Rising there are 11. That just about sums it up.
    I just hope that one day Bohemia Interactive will move into the console market!

  4.  You Could Do A Lot Worse At This Price


    I'd read one or two indifferent reviews on this speaker but decided I'd take a chance. There had been comments about the bass quality (I'm no expert) yet I have to say I didn't notice any discernable difference to the JBL speaker I use at home. After all, it is a TRAVEL speaker, so what are people expecting, Bose quality?
    It's light yet sturdy and gives off a good sound with little distortion at high volumes. My iPod Touch fits snuggly into the port. I use this speaker in work as I was always conscious of any dock system that leaves the iPod exposed, as lots on the market do. If it does get knocked to the floor accidentally at least the iPod will survive!
    It's neat, functional and more than does the job.
    My only gripe is the arm at the back, which seems a tad flimsy and a remote would have been nice, but it is a travel speaker so you can't have everything!
    Apart from that, as I say you could do a lot worse at this price.

  5.  Probably The Best Score Of 2008


    The soundtrack has received praise from all corners of the globe and rightly so. To score a film about a child vampire is no mean feat yet Soderqvist carries it off to perfection.
    The title track and Eli's Theme in particular have been singled out for specific praise internationally and would undoubtedly make the top 25 favourite track list of any avid film score/soundtrack fan.
    A must buy!

  6.  Great, but..........................


    ...why couldn't they provide a lug on the edge of the player to attach a neck/wrist strap like they do with their phones?
    It's my only complaint, hence the 4 stars. It's simple to use, great sound and graphics and so light you won't even notice it.
    So c'mon Sony, surely the tech guys could have added a lug?

  7.  Awesome Sound Considering The Size!


    As my review title suggests, don't let the size of this speaker/dock system put you off. I bought one to go with my iPod Touch and have to say I'm extremely impressed. Sound quality is unsurpassed and if you want LOUD, you've got it!
    You won't find its equal in size, price or sound quality.

  8.  If Only There Were More Like This.....


    Having watched this (the first episode purely by chance) I have to say it's the best series the Beeb has shown in many a long year. Nice to see the licence money being spent on decent programming.
    The performances are all superb, especially Ben Wishaw who is no doubt destined for greater things. Coupled with a gripping storyline with many subplots it culminates into a finale that most could not have predicted..
    In view of the release date, this would not go amiss on most people's Xmas wish list.
    Buy it!

  9.  A Sound Investment, Money Well Spent


    This case is superb! There's always a doubt when you buy these things that it may be too tight or adversely leave your pod rattling around like a marble in a biscuit tin. Have no fear, this thing is snug to the milimetre.
    Easy access to headphone jack, on/off switch and dock. The screen protector is also superb. No sticky mess and not a trace of a ripple. These can also be a bit of a bind to put on but this is the easiest of its type I've ever used.
    In short if you want a snug, stylish and very robust case with the added peace of mind of sound screen protection then this is a must. I can't recommend it enough.

  10.  Could They Get Any Better.....?


    I know how much this album has been eagerly awaited by the masses of Coldplay fans. The anticipation of something special whilst waiting for X & Y was unbearable. Having heard how good Violet Hill is and the simply stunning Viva La Vida it's just possible I may wet myself with excitement prior to the release date !!!