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  1.  Brilliant. A must have for any Dylan fan.


    This album was recorded shortly before the release of 'Blonde on Blonde', and it was one of, if not the last gig on the tour.

    The first half is acoustic, and the second is electric, with Dylan being backed by the Hawks, who would later become the Band.

    I have read reviews describing the first half as boring, however, I feel quite different. He does not just recreate the material, instead he sings it with a passion which really captures the soul, as though every syllable is important - which it is.

    The second half is essentially the reason for this album being so historic. Dylan whips out the electric guitar and plays new material alongside reinvigorated classics, such as 'I Don't Believe You' and 'Baby Let me Follow you Down'. The former is introduced by Dylan giving a quick blow on his harp and then saying 'it used to sound like that, and not it sounds like this', before bursting into the song.

    Another famous moment on the album is when a member of the crowd shouts 'Judas' and Dylan replies 'I don't believe you... you're a liar' before turning to his band and saying 'play it fucking loud'. They then break into the majestic 'Like a Rolling Stone'.

    I love all the tracks on this album, but one which really stands out to me is 'Baby Let me Follow you Down'. When you hear it you will know what I mean as it sounds so different.

    If you have heard the '64 Live album you will notice Dylan is in a very different mood here. On the '64 performance he laughs alot and engages with the crowd, here he almost seems to dislike the crowd, and rarely engages with them. This was due to the fact he had be touring very heavily, performing constantly, with little time for rest. He also faced alot of bad reception from the folkies who just wanted the old Dylan strumming on his guitar. However, he had moved on and left that scene behind.

    Something that accompanies this album excellently is the Scorsese film 'No Direction Home'. It starts with Dylan's roots and goes upto 1966 and the last scene even has Bob saying 'play it fucking loud!'.

    So if you love this, I urge you to buy the Scorsese film, or perhaps buy the film first, ever way it will make you love Dylan even more than hopefully you already do!

  2.  An Amazing Western


    As soon as the opening credits begin there is that oh so famous soundtrack, and this is (i think) the only music used in the film (there could be different things - but what i'm trying to say is that it has a great soundtrack!)

    We then have the three main characters, our nameless hero - or 'blondy' as, tuco, the ugly fella' calls him, is the 'cool' personified.

    Tuco provides some humour as he is somewhat dimwitted, and the first time we see him he jumps through a window with a chicken in his mouth! This is not to say he doesn't know how to fire a gun well, though.

    As for angel eyes, well just watch the film and see.

    This is a must-see film, even if you don't like westerns, this is the one spaghetti western you should see.

  3.  Epic


    The opening scene with the song 'this is the end' and the explosions coming in at the same time as lyrics just lets you know what your in for.

    This film is really good, however it does get very dark towards the end.

    The sergeant played by Robert Duvall is a great character, who is unintentially funny, cruel, and arrogant.
    His character is so fascinating as he can standss there without flinching whilst explosions go off around him, and later we see him helping a native by offering him his cantine, and then upon hearing that the surfer lance is there forgets all about the dying man.

    However, Sheen and Brando also act incredibly well in this film, Sheen especially. He comes across as an initally troubled character, and then as soon as he picks up his gun is in complete control.

    A must-buy.

  4.  A film with which you will fall in love


    I saw half of this movie on sky movies one night and i fell in love with it but missed the second half and it was probably about 2 weeks before i found out what it was called.

    I already liked zach braff, as on the odd occasion i have watched scrubs, but this film really introduced me to natalie portman. I absolutely love her in this film, she reminds me of one of my friends in the way she is zany - as apposed to the lying.

    A must buy!

  5.  Beautifull and Mesmerising


    when i first bought this and watched it i wasnt incredibly impressed, i merely enjoyed the fighting.

    However, i feel as though my appreciation of films has developed alot since then and i watched it the other day, and i just thought it was incredible. The locations and images are amazing (e.g. in the autumnal forest, and the still lake near the end).
    To my own suprise i also found the first fight ,between 'Nameless' and Sky, beautiful, it felt more like a dance between two people of complete understanding of one another.

    I also read on the box right near the end that it was directed by Quentin Tarantino, and since he is my favourite director, this film has become one of my favourite in my collection - which i assure you is no mean feat.

  6.  Really good, except for...


    ...except for the begining.

    The dialog is pathetic, considering its meant to be an ancient civilisation it is frustrating. Its meant to be funny i think, but the way they call the impalas (i think thats what it was) testicles 'balls' annoys me and so does the young girl calling her mother 'mom'.

    However the film more than makes up for it with the large chase at the end with Jaguar Paw. Its exciting and keeps you wanting to know what he will do next.

    Not a must buy, but certainly a certainly a good watch as no other films have really looked into this culture before. This makes it even more interesting.

  7.  worth it for the nunchaku scene alone


    £5 is incredibly underpriced for one of, if not the greatest martial arts film of all time.

    This is the first bruce lee film i have bought, and after this im definetly buying more.

    Incredible film

  8.  Incredible


    From start to finish this film makes you think what could possible happen next, and how did they get into the situation they are in.

    The film jumps from place to place and slowly fills you in on what has happened, and this is all tied in with what i feel is the best Tarantino movie soundtrack.

    This is his debut film, and at only 95 minutes long its one hell of a film.

    At £3 everyone should buy this for the opening scene alone where Mr. Pink explains why he doesnt believe in tipping.

    A must-buy.

  9.  Another Tarantino masterpeice


    Kill Bill vol. 1 is essentially a killing frenzy that is exciting throughout, and leaves you desperate to see the second half by the end due to a cliffhanger being revealed.

    Vol.2 answers all the questions and contains alot less fighting, which is a good thing as it allows the story to unfold more without hundreds of deaths.

    As per usual, Tarantino mixes in a great soundtrack. This is a must buy for any Tarantino fans or action film fans.