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  1.  Great but not all that...


    This game is great, but I find it really easy and some of the missions a little to short as well as that everything you build has to be attached to your main base or HQ(depending on what you want to call it). Apart form all of that it is a really good game with easy controls, the graphics are great and so is the game play as for the story its interesting but I have seen better ones but its still enough to make you want to find out the next part in the story.

    overall I would say this is a good game and good for first time console R.T.S, and if your a big halo fan or not it great fun to play and even better online.

  2.  What gold gives you


    This lets you play games on xbox live, gives access to exclusive game content and gives you discounts when buying arcade games and lets you have xbox live party's and cam chats. Xbox live is great and i have lots of fun, playing in group is always better than being alone. And to buy the 12 months makes it the best value.

  3.  Good peice of kit


    This is good and easy to use i didn't even need to read the book just got it the case, attached it to the back of the 360 turned it on, it asked to connect it so i chose my router and put my user name and password in and it was all done and i have had no problems with lag or anything like some people, some times it can be your router. The only problem is the price, so if you can get a long enough ethernet cable to connect to your router then i recommend doing that as it could save a fair but of money.

  4.  good...


    Its good and all easy to use but like all 360 things its over priced, so i recommend using a normal usb keyboard works just as well just plug into you usb port and away you go

  5.  unreal tornamnet


    Good game Lots going on in every mission but the campaign is just deathmatch's and CTF (capture the flag) but still fun Lots of big guns, explosions and vehicles that deliver destruction on a massive scale.

    Then there's muti-player witch is fun with lots of different maps, game types and mutilations to add on to the map's.

    This is a good game with a story so it will keep you occupied for a few week's



    I ordered this for a F210 as I broke my charger that I had it arrived nice and quick witch is just like good old play but I opened it I tried to charge my phone but the black casing around the connection bit is to big to fit and the charger has a sticker on it saying G600

  7.  Quake wars...


    OK Theres bad points and good points

    Bad points: there's no story to the game what so ever and the single player is just the same as the muti-player, it's only one player offline.

    Good points: The games fun to play the muti-player good Lots of big vehicles and gun's to call into the field.

    well really it's prob best only to get thin if you have xbox live if you dont unreal tournament look good and i recommend it