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  1. E = MC²

    E = MC²

    Mariah Carey - CD

    6 New from  £6.17  Free delivery

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    Mariah is inspirational in everything she does, and she look's phenomanal for someone who's nearly 40.
    ihave every album she has recorded includibg the platinum edition of the Emancipation of Mimi.
    i personally did not enjoy the EoM album, and seeming as this is the sequel(E=MC2) i expect it to be 2quite a bit better.

  2.  A darker shade of green, but i like it!!


    I remember first seeing this film at christmas when i was 9 years old and thought it was both scary and enchanting.
    Jack Pumpkinhead was my favorite character, the most fearsome band of character's were The Wheeler's.
    Since i have grown custom to "thing's that are scary", that emotion has vanished, but instead i cry almost too easily now.
    I have just watched this film for the first time in year's, and it still make's me smile.
    A glorious tale bought to life by Walt Disney that will be enjoyed by Disney and Oz fan's alike.



    As a long time transformers fan this film is spectacular, the CGI is amazing, the girls(especially Megan Fox) are super HOT and the vehicles are WOW!!! When i saw this film at the cinema i was totally in awe of its superioroty to the other CGI movies.
    In all an amazingly outstanding film that not only TF fans will enjoy!!!!

  4.  He's back!!


    Oh my god, i loved this film.
    I went to see this with my brother(who doesn't really like this style of film), we were enthralled by the accurate and in-depth storyline, seeing why Michael transform's into an emotionless killer.(or phsycopath.)
    We were very dissapointed in Danielle Harris' acting,(but i quickly put that aside because she is so damn cute!!)
    To all the hater's, Rob Zombie doesn't excell in being scary, like his music he excell's in shocking people.
    I am a fan of Rob Zombie's music and film's, so i will definately be picking this one up!!!

  5.  More like Shrek The "Turd!!!"


    The television review's stated that it was the biggest comedy of the year and the best one yet, what lies.
    An awful sequel, a couple of moment's made me giggle very breifly, but apart from that it was a complete bore of a film. I enjoyed Shrek 1 and 2 and enjoy other kid's/animation films, but this was a complete waste of money.

  6. 1408



    2 New from  £4.79  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £2.94



    I was very surprised at this film seeming though it had read mixed review's not just by Play.com member's, i bought this film on the chance it could be a waste of money.
    It was very good(not brilliant just very good), sure it had it's bit's that were rubbish, but all in all a very good thriller, a bit like The Amityville Horror.



    The Emancipation of Mimi album is not my favorite, but this tour is dazzling!!
    She has a couple of slip-up's but she recover's so proffesionally, and she's been sharing her beautiful voice with us for nearly two decade's.
    She look's stunning, and her leg's are amazing.
    If you're a fan or not this is a must have for your dvd collection, oh and please respect The Godess!!

  8.  GOODNESS!!!


    Barbarella is a cult phenomona in the Sci-fi genre which i enjoy immensly.



    We all know the Disney classic Snow White tale and how scary that was, well prepare for some thing a lot more creepier, for example the seven lovable little dwarves are transformed into a band of murderer's and outkast's.
    Sigourney Weaver take's on the role of the wicked stepmother/witch and play's it remarkabley well.(As usual.)

    A fairytale definatley not for kid's!!!!



    I love El-Vira, and this is the sexy vamp at her best!!!
    Excelling at being cheesy, El-Vira is the greatest ever!!(Probabley just me.)
    The humour between both the gags and the corny acting is brilliant.
    The first tounge in cheek(what a stupid saying) camp horror/comedy movie i ever saw, i have to say it's my personal favorite horror/comedy out of all of them.

    And if you don't like the film, hey, you can look at something else!!!!