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  1.  good game


    I was a bit bored at first but i stuck with it and after my first few challenges i became hooked. This game has good graphics. Each world has loads of details and is visually stunning. The aim of the game is to collect jiggys by doing each task. The more jiggys you get the more the game is unlocked. The tasks involve racing, trying to gain the greatest distance off a ramp, knoking heavy objects off a platform, protecting people, scoring goals with a giant football. The list goes on and on. Youre constantly wondering what the next task is. You have to design vehicles to do each challenge. You can save your vehicles so you dont need to keep making them. You can modify saved ones. You find vehicle parts around the map or buy parts. They can fly, swim, glide etc. The game is big so will last awile. Their is other things to do aswell like play bingo?, play arcade games and upgrade your character at the gym. The map is great to explore. You really feel like you want to explore because their is so much detail and you are wondering what is round the corner. The game keeps you hooked. Buy it.

  2.  brilliant


    The game play is faster and flows more. You can actually do good through balls which was missing from 08. And you score some fantastic goals. The passing is good. And when you do the slick passinga and score after a good move it feels good. Any one wants to play online then my gamertag is dj hardstyling. Expect a hard game.

  3.  Good game


    The new adition where all your shots are reviewd and get marked at the end of a round is good. Your aim is to try to get to level 10 on power, putting, short game and accuracy. eg-If you have a round where you make an aveage of 3 puts the your putting level would go down depending at what level your at. If your at level 1 with your putting then to get to level 2 you would need to put 4 or less a round So level 10 is 1.2 puts around. The graphics are quiet dissapointing. The club tuner is a good idea. You get to test your club on a driving range. Ive heard the online is good. That will be tested soon. Plus theirs 4 new courses. Overall good aditions but graphics not as good as they should be.

  4.  ok


    Ive heard a review of this album. Peanut butter is good but the rest are dissapointing. I expect more from this amazing bad.

  5.  Good game


    This game has got back the MOH atmosphere. It lost it alot in the other titles since MOH Allied assault. It is very challenging but always gripping. It is enjoyable and the challenge of how difficult it is makes it more fun. It could have more levels but saying that the levels are quiet big. And the new addition where your gun gets upgraded is good.

  6.  excellent


    This is a must by for a social game. Its excellent on xbox live. Its not hard once you learn the controls which any one can with half a brain. Lots of events, good graphics challenging. Overall: Very enjoyable