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  1.  Looks great and works great


    Both the design and build quality are very good. The red/green charging status lights are a nice feature. It may not be an official Sony product but when it does everything it says it does, and looks great doing it, does that matter?

    Also, the two USB connections are powered and can be used as a USB-plug if you need to. I've successfully charged/powered my phone, I-Pod, MP3 Walkman, mini I-Pod speakers, camera and PSP from this.

  2.  Exceptional movie - poor extras


    MAC:FotW is such a visually stunning movie that almost seems like a documentary in places -and I mean that in a good way.
    It's an old fashioned, boys-own adventure, with amazing set pieces and interesting, likable and affable characters. It's transfer to HD is crisp, the colours beautiful and the audio almost perfect.

    However, the extras provided on the Blu-Ray are meagre compard to the wonderful background documentaries provided on the 2-disk DVD edition, which were rivalled only by the LOTR EE extras in quality and quantity.

    Overall 5 stars for the movie and it's transfer but only 2 for the extras.

  3.  Near Faithful Reproduction of Pen and Paper Game


    A very entertaining game, which is very faithful to the source material. The graphics and sound are top-notch for the PsP, and there is enough depth and replayability to last you a long while.

    Some gripes - no multiclassing (so no min-maxed rogue-ranger-fighter). The zoom function does not zoom out enough, so the viewable area can feel claustraphobic at times. And the lack of information in the manual can make the game almost impenetrable for those not familiar with the 3.5 rule-set (I had my Player's handbook out for the first few hours...)

    Overall, a must have for DnD fans. For others, a good purchase, but some patience will be required.

  4.  Epic


    An exceptional first book. Writing style is nice, detailed without been over-written. The story itself flows at a good pace, and there are no sub-plots that I just wanted to bypass to get back to the meat of the main plot.

    While this is part of a larger series, the story is self contained and has a satisfactory conclusion.

    Highly recommended.