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  1.  skull 'fragile' candy


    I bought this exact pair recently and they look great, I couldn't resist! Very comfortable to wear, good quality sound (as mp3 formats compress the music so it sounds restricted almost) but these headphones allow the sound to travel through!

    Listening to them on a bus etc might be a problem since you will probably find everyone within your facinity rocking out to your music too!! But perhaps this isn't a bad thing!?!

    However I put them on one morning and they snapped in the middle, very disappointing since I thought for the price of them they would be able to stand simply using them normally! So be extra carefull when putting them on (use the earplugs to grip, not the headband) as the same thing could happen to you.

  2.  May this game be bought by you!


    Ok so I was slightly reluctant to even download the demo due to the previous attemps from other game creators to release a good star wars game...I was mistaken. The demo is fantastic and I urge you to download it asap!

    The idea that many other aspects of Star Wars have been incorperated in this game make it that much enjoyable, for example the force which can be used to lift enemies/move objects...even throw enemies into objects and vice versa. Very good gameplay in general with regards to different attack combinations and upgrades etc.

    The only this I can say is the graphics are not exactly next gen, but not to worry since the gameplay makes up for this. Also, a dualshock controller is a fantastic opportunity to make this game even more enjoyable!

  3.  The best in Action / Adventure!


    To be honest I was doing the same thing you are now...reading the reviews for this game because I heard it came out and wanted to know more about it (but was'nt intending to buy it...whoops!) The reviews for this game spoke for themselves and I had to get it

    When it arrived I was blown away by the gameplay and awesome graphics, I couldn't put the game down and my girlfriend was becoming ever more concerned as this was my new found love! When I completed it I started to play it again as there is so much more you can do even a second time round!

    I recommend you click the link to add it to your shopping basket now, for this price you cannot go wrong it's the cheapest on the market and really fast delivery (thanks Play!) If you are fond of the Tomb Raider series then you will love this game, and if were not...you will love this game as Drake brings a whole new meaning to freerunning!


  4.  AT least the cover looks good!


    All in all this game is not the best in terms of action or adventure, the graphics I found where very PS2 and some of the camera angles made the gameplay very hard as you can't attack when a tree is in line with the character...can you?!?

    However it's a very original idea for a game and its great fun when you see half the techniques you can do, but this only lasted for around an hour with me after playing as dialogue is repeated throughout the game (different people saying the same thing) and sometimes weapon commands do not work

    If you want a good action/adventure game for the PS3 then go for 'Uncharted Drake's Fortune' it's worth the money as it is cheaper than Assassins Creed.

    Take my advice and do not pay over £25/£30 for this game, its nice and long but I think maybe a little too long as the ending was very disapointing for me...let's hope for a better sequel!

  5.  Stunning!


    An unbelievable experience beign brought to your t.v. Graphics are a benchmark in Playstation 3 so far. Whatever you do, play it on at least normal mode to get a challenge. I recommend you buy this game, its the best fun you will have of the Call Of Duty series so far!