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  1.  This is.. insane.


    I've delayed buying this, waiting to see if it wasn't some hyped up horror. I was so wrong to.

    This simply put, is the best.
    Never before have i experienced such intensity in a game.
    Fantastic buy, at £18, you'd be stupid not to!

  2.  Bloody brilliant..


    Firstly to say, GOW 1 I was never that into, it was a bit empty in terms of storyline/character interaction..

    But this just blew my mind. I'm far to lazy to go into details, but the game is just incredible. Its a rollercoaster from the start right to the end.. tearing out the heart of a worm the size of england.. and "saving" a little someones wife. It really is epic. If you were in any doubt.. just get it! Multiplayer still does not live up to the standards of COD etc.. but that may be that I just prefer the system in games such as COD.
    Single Player alone is just excellent and well worth the purchase! With Co-op.. get together with buddies and what could go wrong?? A must buy!

  3.  I was unsure but proved wrong!


    I was unsure of this at first and only bought it as it was cheap (would buy now even if it was £40!) - since the previous releases just had more of the same thing and it was severly annoying if you died, so kudos to the life-saving system!
    It seems to handle a lot more smoothly to what you actually input in the controller (which is a big thing for me) in comparison to the older POP's (i.e. you point the stick in one direction and it does actually follow!) .
    It is far more refined, the graphics are actually pretty damn good! In particular the scenery. The story is captivating and you can explore it fully if you want (by talking to the "princess"), or just carry on with the action! As well as the fighting system being simpler and easier to use.

    All in all, I would highly recommend this excellent and most of all fun new addition to the POP series. Well worth it!

  4.  This is my rifle...


    Based on the demo, the game is excellent. It is basically COD4 set during WW2. The selection of weapons is fantastic and thankfully it uses the same formula of COD4. Graphically, its not quite there. Gameplay-wise its edible its so good. This is a must have.

  5.  It's a laugh, but far too short.


    The game as a whole is a good laugh, but it is by no means a "full" rpg. Much of the time spent in the game is spent on the perks (i.e. getting married etc) rather than the story. Visually it's superb, but the game was too quick to finish!

  6.  Excellent, just excellent :)


    The game as most reviews have stated is brilliant, visually you could eat it. The gameplay is fantastic, in particular "VATS". And the storyline so far is addictive. My only gripe with it at the moment is that it can take a fair few hits/shots to actually kill a thing. I have not yet experienced any of the glitches but from a game this MASSIVE, it is to be expected.

  7.  Truly Spectacular


    It really is, the sound is crisp and clear, loud as you can possibly want, and the bass is fantastic :)

    This is seriously something I recommend, and if you are contemplating between this or the ipod, well I'm sure you can work out which one to go for. ;)

    I've seen some complaints about the video, it's simple, convert your video file to MP4 and it works!.

    p.s. It is also ridiculously easy to use!

  8.  Excellent, but be prepared to spend time..


    Its a truly epic game, but a massive time consumer,
    Graphics, are incredible, t
    he story is well.., see for yourself ;)
    and the general system itself is a vast improvement on Final Fantasy style games,
    my only problem with it is, its tough.
    In order to move on through the game, be prepared to spend time training,
    else you'll end up in some pretty tough situations :P. Just a hint.

  9.  This is truly epic..


    Yet another amazing addition from Bioware.
    Seriously, do these guys have writers for their stories?
    Absolutely a must have!
    Slow to start, but once your into it.. an incredible experience.
    With the added bonus that its no longer "half" turn-based. :P

  10.  Ingenious...


    One of the most inventive and (pretty darn funny) games I have ever played. Also unique and finally gives an edge to games which arent all about slaughtering the "bad guys". Although, I would get the Orange Box instead. As it contains Portal, Half-Life 2, episode 1, episode 2 and Team Fortress 2.