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  1.  I Love it but so many Faults


    this phone is the best phone in the world but why you ask have i gave it 3 stars well first il give you the possitives on it 1) the speed of this phone is amazing 2) you got real internet at your finger tips 3) its the most beautiful piece of craftmenship i have ever seen needs to be in an art gallery 4) easy to use 5) what ever is happening in your life (your lost, forgetful, in doubt or just plain bored) the iphone will be able to help. this is a great phone BUT i bought this phone for £530 for that kind of money you want to think your getting your moneys worth.

    Negatives 1) this phone is incapable without working without a PC or Mac everhing needs to be synkd with your computer its like the mirror image of your computer you can only change and edit things on your computer 2) bluetooth only works with other iphones cant connect with other phones 3) you cant store anything on your internal storage except pictures 4) you are restricted on video formates 5) flash player doesnt work on any iphone so most internet media cant be viewed 6) so many great apps out there but most of them will stop working once you update the phone 7) you cant change message alerts 8) and becarful what accessories you bye for it alot wont work....... the list does go on but i cant think of them right now.

    few glad i got that off my chest but just letting you know what your in for if you buy it, its a great phone but it could of been amazing its apple trying to monopolize the phone industry and thinking everyone will buy one but i wont be buying one in the future i will wait till a decent windows version is available. No more Mac for me to restrictive.

  2.  This Is Amazing You Will Love It


    I bought this as my DVD collection is getting out of control so naturaly this is perfect for me. You can watch most video file types on the WD TV. The new firm wire updates have made a huge differance with only little changes for example starting the menu on videos simple. I only have 2 problems with it first it doesnt have the codec for dts on mkv files so they need 2 be converted to ac3 and second is there is only 2 usb ports as i have 2 1tb external hard drives and nearly filled the 2nd 1 up (i have tried plugging in a 4 port usb hub and no luck which i knew wouldn't work but no harm in trying. so this is perfect for a gadget freak like me and a film buff like me so let your DVDs collect dust your never have 2 load a disk ever again. But be warned if you have alot of DVDs like me it will take you weeks to convert them all to a file format like avi

  3.  DON'T BUY!!!


    i got this delivered at 8:00 in the morning i updated it and set it up by 9:00, then by 2:00 the same day it was broken. not even 6 hours and it was broken. i watched starship troopers i admit great quality but when it ended the buttons on the front panel and on the remote wouldn't do anything it just froze and now starship troopers is stuck in there.

    If i could rate this 0 stars i would

  4.  Lots of fun


    Great game, i was very suprised how much it has on here you have 3 citys, loads of races and tourdaments, pleanty of cars/bikes and loads of ways of tunning them up.