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  1.  absolutely worthy of purchase


    3 top games? ... budget price? ... what's not to like.
    The HD conversion looks excellent on both Silent Assassin and Contracts, Blood Money was already available on 360 so it is the same game that has been out all these years.

    As some may have read, the control layout of Silent Assassin and Contracts is tricky to grasp, and there is no option to reconfigure. However, I have experienced no problems. Overall, if you are a fan of the series and would like a bit of nostalgia, then get it. Newcomers will notice gameplay style differences between these titles and Absolution but should get this as a discovery of Agent 47s origins.

  2.  I love it .... even with the bugs!!! (updated with patch)


    excellent game, shame there are a few bugs which would put people off. a word of advice if you are thinking of buying .... if you manage to run any R&D tests during your practice sessions, MAKE SURE you complete the following qualifying session before saving the game. I got halfway thru my 1st season with Virgin and it crashed ... other than that, i really can't fault it!!!

    Update: there is now a patch for this game which will download 1st time you play ..... it has resolved ALL known issues

  3.  fantastic ..... best bond game i've played


    I disagree with the review written by aaronx24, this game is great .... Ok i've only played a few levels & am nowhere near completion but if it holds up for the rest of the game, i'd be happy to say it's the best bond game i've played (i never played goldeneye so that's why)

    Firstly, graphics are excellent. The cover system does work really well (after i finally realised how to use it properly!!!). There's nothing better than storming into a building, all guns blazing .... Then finding something to hide behind (not all "hideable" objects are solid so these can only take a few hits before falling apart) & picking off the ememies (the enemy ai is very good, they flank your position so you can't stay in one place forever!!!)

    Not sure if the later levels involve any driving as i'd really love to have a go in the aston!!!.

    Online play, i've found, works really well .... Again i've not played much as i've been to engrossed in the actual story mode.

    Overall i'm giving it 4 out of 5 as although it's the best bond game i've played, it's still not quite there in respect of cod/rainbow 6

  4.  80's influence .... but still class


    Tom's voice has gone a bit Brandon Flowers & the band have clearly been listening to 80's pop, i think a lot of it sounds like a-ha & Duran Duran but don't let that put you off ..... it's truely an excellent album.

  5.  A Fantastic, must-own album


    Every track is absolutly excellent, not anything even resembling a filler here .... Quality songwriting, great tunes .... If these boys don't win album of the year then i'll eat my hat!!!.

    Don't even think about it, just buy & enjoy .... It'll be one of your best purchases ever .... Fact!!!!

  6.  not really worth the money


    i agree with the other writer in the fact that the claim of 40% noise reduction is a bit false, but it certainly does reduce the "rim-shots" & i do find that with the whole drum pad the same colour it is easier to follow the drum pattern so it gats an extra star for that reason.

  7.  my new favorite band .... these boys deserve to be big!!!


    i'm lucky enough to have the album, i must say it's brilliant. i wanted to hear more from them on the strength of lead single "Made Up Stories". really strong power pop/rock, excellent lyrics & i love the synth work!!!. Fans of lostprophets 3rd album, Scouting for Girls & Elliot Minor should apply .... you really won't be disappointed .... not a filler track in sight, my favorite has to be Break! Break! ..... would love to see them live.

  8.  Excellent piece of kit .... well worth the money!!


    anyone after a cheap but reliable solution for hands-free talking should have one of these.

    approx 1hr to maximum charge, fits snuggly on your sun visor, can receive any call and last number redial (by double tapping panel) without the need to touch your phone.

    volume is excellent and you can be clearly heared on the other end of the line. an absolute godsend on long car journeys!!!.

  9.  fair do's .... a good album


    i'd give it 3.5 if i could, an excellent return to form after the letdown of 'Yeah'.

    opener 'Go' is probably their heaviest track in years, a real thumper .... can't quite understand the choice behind Tim McGraw on 'Nine Lives', but his vocals don't spoil a good track. 'Love' is the only ballad of the album & i'd say it's up there with their best ... great vocals from Joe!!!. along with 'Tomorrow', 'Bad Actress' & 'Only the Good Die Young', these are probably the stronger tracks on the album.

    any fan will enjoy!!.

  10.  A Highly Under-Rated album


    great tracks, don't think of this band as a poor man's Busted or McFly, they really have some rocking tunes. a real shame that they got lumped in with the kiddy rock acts of the time & were probably never given a fair chance to show what they could do.