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  1.  Great sound - no good for jogging.


    Initially I was really pleased with these. Comfortable fit & a great sound. I had bought them for my iphone 4 for when I jog. They tick the box for the fit, being much better than the iphone. Howvever the button does not work with the iphone 4. This was not a problem as the description does not say they do. However after a month of using them I now find that the volume drops whilst running. If I press the button on the headset it goes back to normal, but then drops. The casing around the mic/button is also loose. It is really frustrating. At the minute I'm just turning the volume up on the iphone and hoping I don't get deafened. Will buy another pair of skullcandy but this time without the mic/control.

  2.  Well worth just under a tenner


    More like a book than a game. You need to follow the 'cut scenes' rather than skip them to get a real gist of the story. I Was originally put off by the torch idea, but now that I've played it I see that you do come across a selection of guns and it does feel like a bit of a shooter. Not quite as scary as Dead Space but a lot of fun. Came with first content download code as well.

  3.  Iphone4 Docking & Music


    Quick to set up. Just plug it in & turn it on. Works perfectly with the iphone 4 which is what I got it for. It charges the phone & I don't even have to take it out of the tuf-luv apocalypse case I have it in. I have had the message that it is not optimised but I just dismiss it and it all works. You can use the remote to navigate the music menus and adjust the volume. It does seem to go pretty loud for its size and does not seem to distort. Apart from on/off and volume there are no other controls such as bass or treble, but I don't think it needs it. It also comes with the european plug adapter in addition to the British one so I probably will shove it in the suitcase when I go abroad as it is pretty light and will save me from taking a phone charger.

  4.  Noise cancelling seems to work for me


    Can't say that agree with some of the other reviews. Physical fit cuts out alot of noise, but I've found the electronic noise cancelling does work. Admittedly there is a hiss when no music is playing, but once the track starts it appears to disappear. True the volume does seem to go up - but I just turn it down. I used them with my Nokia E63 to listen to mp3's on a plane journey to Corfu and found it knocked out the annoying engine noise. I also found that when the stewardess leant across to talk to the passanger beside me I could not follow their conversation! They also worked well plugged in (adaptor included) to the onboard movies. Also blocked out the noise of the room fan in my apartment when I was using them with a portable dvd player. On the downside the box with the battery in is not so compact and weighs a bit - I tend to put it in my shirt pocket rather than let it hand down.

  5.  Cheap 8GB Micro SDHC great in a Nokia E63


    Got exactly what is shown in the picture and in the description. Pushed it into my new Nokia E63 phone used the format card option in the Nokia menu and within seconds I was away. Have downloaded applications, word docs, music etc and it all works on the phone. Great card for the price.

  6.  Reasonable Drive


    Bought this for the fingerprint security, but then found you can use a password. Shame it can't just be fingerprint. I find that sometime it doesn't pick the print up. It can also be a pain if the usb slot is on different sides of the your laptop as it it appears that you have to draw your finger across the strip in the same direction as it was originally scanned in. You can scan up to 10 fingers.

  7.  Good large frame


    Inserted an SD card, switched on and it went staight into slideshow. Picture quality seems pretty good. Full instruction only seem to be on the CD that is supplied. Not the best menu structure, but that is what the manual is for. Took me about 5mins to change the display time, transitions, etc & investigate all menus. Calander and time option don't really appeal as the photo is too small. I notice it displays the date in the American format of mmddyy and there seems no option to change it to ddmmyy, though who cares. Case is good in that there is not a plastic appearance visible from the front - it looks like a normal frame. The cream border insert does not look as if it is pushed fully up against the wooden bit of the frame when viewed from some angles and this is probably just a minor fault on my particular frame. I see it can be wall mounted but you would end up with having to have the black power lead running up the wall. Great size at 10.4". Worth it since I bought if for half price (£49.99)- would not have paid the full price.