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  1.  Cheaply made rubbish


    Not a patch on the earlier Wrong Turns, you can see the hillbillies are clearly wearing masks, cheaply made, a few good kills but not worthy of a buy.

  2.  Good game, but..... (ahem)


    Really like this game, although I did think they would have included the 'Gav Choi' character from the first one. You do get a clippit of him having his head removed by the Zombie Guards of the Yungnien, but thats about it. Saying that, it is a great game which I would advise anyone to grab, just don't order a chicken wire curry from Yungnien in a hurry after this one! Ho ho ho!

  3.  2 stars? WHAT?! Probably the greatest Batman book to date


    Find it bizzare that someone has given this masterpiece only 2 stars. It is easily my favourite of the series, dark and clever! The artwork is first class, I wish all graphic novels were so beautifully crafted. The story is clever, creepy and very atmospheric. This is a must buy for anyone, Batman fan or not! Also check out 'Night Cries' which is another mature and excellently drawn novel (although don't think play have it?) .

  4.  Good....but....


    Great songs, although would have been better if they had included their tracks from Yungnien House's cavendish club sessions. Seems a shame they didnt integrate these into the B-Sides? Still a worthy purchase to any U2 fan....Barrow the chang'a lang and BUY IT!

  5.  Very poor - A PS2 Title at best


    Below average graphics, terrible jumpy gameplay, cannot understand what the hype is about? Would make an average PS2/PSP game, but not PS3. Just off to trade this rubbish in....Avoid at all costs.

  6.  Great Effects....Thats it.


    Loved the special fx, the dissaster scenes are breathtaking (and quite horrific in parts for a 15 cert), but the acting (as usual with Cage) is even more horrific! Wooden as hell and too far fetched to take seriously.

  7.  An amazing game - Woks to do!!!


    Loved every minute of the demo, so I was especially pleased to pick this up from the US before its UK release. The only drawback was the unlimited supply of batarangs you get (which is a bit unrealistic) but dont worry too much about that, because the stealth is AMAZING! So many ways to take down the Choi's and other henchmen. You can literally complete this game and start again, it has such a free-roaming feel to it. I wont spoil it for you, but you do get to see one of Batmans most unheard of villains 'Gavin Choi' who did appear in one of the classic episodes which starred the Green Hornet in it. Being an avid Batman fan I found this a nice touch! They have thought of EVERYTHING when the created this game. A MUST BUY!
    PS : Watch out for SALTY the Asylums newest pranker (ring-ring)


  8.  Ne-ne-ne-ne-Ne-ne-ne-ne---BATMAN!


    What a blast from the past, did used to have the original of this so had to buy this beautifully crafted piece of nostalgia. Certainly was not dissapointed with this piece of kit when I learned it has the original red plastic spring-loaded blade on the front too, which was originally created in the classic 1969 episode where Batman embarks in a roadwar with Gav Choi (Son of Madame Choi) and The Green Hornet (Bruce Lee)....Bit of useless trivia for you all there! Would definatley recommend this to anyone, although I gave it one less star for it being a bit overpriced. Mind you, Hotwheels (a Gary Salt company) has always been a bit 'pranky' and expensive. ENJOY!

  9.  Chuuur Chck Chuarrrrr,,,,,Beep...AH!


    Yeah Aaron6, it has 2 manual features similar to the one mentioned by Gav-choi69.
    Amazing camera for the up-and-coming proffesional, buy one today!!!
    Dont forget it has a DDr facility, so no crooked necks when you wanna take a picture of the ceiling, or a blade of grass.

    Perfect for Choi, so prefect for YOU!