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    This game should never of been made.. they scraped the barrel with the earier attempt but this was a flat on your face dissapointment DONT BE TEMPTED AS I WAS ...AVOID AT ALL COSTS .....

  2.  Welcome to HELLLLLLL!!


    This game for me took me a good 20 hours to finish on hard i enjoyed staying up late at night engrossed in the hell that is dead space!
    The weapons are truely out of this world as they were in the original the controls are smooth and fluid..You can almost feel the blood that comes out of each necromorph as you stomp its ass dead (never gets old) all i can say about this game is that it had me wondering whats round each corner and the AI was bob on as they skulk and hide from you before pouncing on you unannounced and in suprise not just there when u get in the room so u have time to plan your attack its horrific in parts that must push the boundries of gaming and horror which hence the 18 cert!
    not for the faint hearted ..oh yea.. once u complete it dont think for a second thats it... oh no.. no sir eeeeee ill just say that and leave u with the cool suprise and am not on about the multiplayer !! enjoy the new game+ hahaha u better run necromorph SKUM!
    There has been alot of proper work and design put into this game and a game that should keep on making a comeback over years .. and at this price drop what the hell you doing reading this GO AND GET IT!!

  3.  Pure brilliance


    Ok where to start..
    Just as Cazzface said am not into the whole touch screen phone palava all i hear is how scratched the screen is and because of the size of the screen can make it prone to cracks ..
    Anyway this is by far the best phone on the market as regards to ppl who just want a phone for a phone with cool gadjets
    8.1 mp camera and a 8gb memory card (that comes free with the phone) a cool speaker very sturdy tough phone battery life is unreal and i have come to buy my second one now as my last one was put through its paces by my son who thought it may of been for cleanin the toilet as it seemed to be in it alot.. 4 times really so thts it.. buy this phone maybe for not the price here i got mine new out the catalogue for 169 well worth the price am just stunned most phone shops dont even have this cool phone in them no more but still display some of the worst phones ever to grace a sim card!
    love the movie part of this phone that is made worthy cos of the external speaker that comes with it! camera is amazing and with photo dj u can really add some extra coolness to ur pics!!
    Drop the iphone now if u want the net ull get ya laptop out innit! u can use the net on this phone but i never do i have a pc for that plus i have about 200 cool games on my phone cos the files are that small u can pack em in loads of albums.. come o what more do u want!!

  4.  SMASHIN IT!!


    Black eyed peas never fail to knock out a classic .. top album (all versions)
    Keep em comin guys!!

  5.  WELL DONE!!!


    The thing i admire about this film is the people who made a huge amount of quick cash from this Very offensive film.. (offensive in the fact that they must of been joking if they thought it was a hit)
    But it was a hit a huge hit and lots of people wanted to see it .. It became box office even when people who seen it said it was stupid that didnt stop people going to see it... ill admit it played on my mind a few weeks after i still dont know why but it did.. so all in all.. well done guys i now sleep with my feet tucked in hahahaha!!

  6.  Worth a watch


    Ok where to begin....
    I watched this today and i have to agree with most people that the new Freddy aint Sinister enough plus the make up effects with his scarred face are terrible and really bland... I cant belive Robert Englund didnt step back up for this and at least give Wes craven the respect that is needed for this re-make.
    Yes i said REMAKE.. Of coarse this is some new scenes and different things going on but the main story is that of the origional . for instance the death scene of the gf in bed with her boyfriend in the room being accused of her death... (1st one also) When Freddy kills her in her sleep....
    All in all i enjoyed it it brought back some good memorys of the 1st classic encounter but fell face down in the mud trying to be better..
    I wouldnt pay this much for this film to be honest id rather buy the original but like i said its worth a watch theres worse films out there... but remember... DONT FALL ASLEEP!!

  7.  ERM???


    Well ill make it quick.. single playr has kept me coming back but it has to be said the multiplayer has been the worst EVER maps too small guns not very affective ppl running too fast and another thing about the game the gamerscores u get are mainly multipler based its awfull. i think overall if u have a spare weekend hire this do the single player n send it back... personally i aquired this game free of charge and still i feel ripped off lol!!!



    This game is awesome make no mistake and at this price its a steal and defo worth having in ur collection its just crazy to not have it .. Get it!!!

  9.  ABOUT TIME!!!


    Its not just the game you have to save for its the ammount of joypads you will be having to buy as u get through them lol!! Hope it works as well as the snes when that console brough light to the life of streetfighter.

  10.  A DEAD GAME!!!


    This game has been killed in every way buy manhunt 1 its amazing and still gets a play from me from time to time inbetween my xbox 360 that is lol!!
    The worst sequal to a brilliant title ever i would rather play sonic and thats bad!!!!
    Everthing is censored all the great kills and the gameplay sux...
    Cant sy much more just be glad u read this and gave it a miss..... Boo hooooooo!