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  1.  Awesome! xD


    My boyfriend bought this to watch on one of our nights in && we weren't disappointed. It's such a good film, has a good storyline although admittedly, a little childish but it is a child's film so what can you expect really?! We were both sitting there like little kids giggling at bob - Seth Rogan totally rocks! (: Definitely recommended, especially at that price!

  2.  Great film.


    Tim Burton as we all know, is a true genius, but I must admit I was a little let down by the storyline in this movie, just because my idea of it was based on the Disney version of the film. This one had a very different storyline && I'm not quite sure it really worked as well as it could have.
    On another note however, the acting skills are amazing - ofc Johnny Depp is always amazing at the characters he play, but everyone else in the film were awesome also! The computer graphics are good && the soundtrack is cool too.
    Must say, a bit miffed that the cheshire cat is grey with blue stripes!?!?!

  3.  OMG


    I must admit I was expecting it to be quite a rubbish film! I've heard such great things about other films that turned out to be a let-down but THIS film was absolutely AMAZING!!

    I was not let down in any way by this film & it's awesome for all ages as well! Would be cool if it was out in 3D because the 3D on this film in the cinema was the best I've ever seen!! The storyline was amazing & it's such a great creative film! Big thumbs up to James Cameron (who is a genius anyway) but this is gonna be one big hit when it comes out on DVD! =]

  4.  Great film!


    I bought this film a little while ago & finally got round to watching it the other night & I thought it was great! Normally I'll put a film on & fall asleep halfway through but this one had me glued to the screen wanting to see what happened!
    It's got such a cute storyline & although it confused me at times, if you keep with it, you do finally understand what's going on & it really makes you think about time - kinda freaky!
    Amazing film though, great acting skills & brilliant storyline! Beautiful idea whoever came up with the story!! =]

  5.  Awesome!!


    I recently bought this game after all my friends started joining the gym & I couldn't afford it! =[ It was firstly cheap, which was a great start & when I actually started doing the exercises on it, it's been working great! The day after I first used it, my legs hurt SO bad!

    I've only had it 4 days so obviously, it hasn't had a visible effect yet - but I'm sure it will if I continue to use it once a day!

    Firstly, you have to choose what you want your workout to do (mine was to look good, & get a bikini body) & it uses these choices to get workouts specifically for you & what you want. You get to choose your own fitness coach out of 4 people & there is lots of nutritional advice on there too if you're also on a diet.
    There are challenges too which test to see if you're good enough to do things like be a dancer, football player, boxer etc which are good fun & a great workout. Usually I tend to do my daily workout, & then one of these challenges. Afterwards, I feel completely worked out so I would totally recommend this game!

    Also, a good idea to look at a game called "My fitness coach". That was very helpful too! =]

  6.  Great game!


    My boyfriend got me this for christmas because he knows me so well! We played it & he won, even though he knows nothing about Twilight! Gutted! Goes to show that you don't have to know everything about the game to win, so anyone can play!
    I found the playing pieces beautiful! The game is over quite quickly as the board is very small, but the DVD has got amazing content on it & I believe you can put it in your pc, as it's a pc rom as well, though I haven't tried that myself!
    It's really fun & I recommend it to all those Twilight fans out there!! =]

  7.  One of the best films ever !


    Seriously worth buying!!!! I could watch this film over and over again without getting bored. Unlike most book to film movies, twilight doesn't differ too much from the book which is always great! There's nothing as annoying as when you read a good book and can't wait to see the film, only to find out it's nothing like the book!! Grrr!

    The actors are amazing (&great to look at of course), the storyline is THE best storyline ever & really romantic. A great film to watch on a girly night in or with your partner! I recommend buying the books to read as well, as once you watch the film, you really want to know what happens & you won't be disappointed! ;)

  8.  AMAZING book


    I found the whole Twilight saga absolutely amazing & couldn't put any of the books down once I started. I recommend this book to anybody who loves a bit of romance mixed in with an amazing storyline that you won't be able to put down until you've finished!!

    Bring on the film!

  9.  Not as good as I thought it would be


    As said, I thought that the game would be better than it was.
    I brought it for my boyfriend for his birthday & thought it would be fun to play but apparently not.
    The songs, although some are amazing, most are unheard of.
    You can't use the xbox controller as a guitar [it automatically goes to vocals] which means you need two guitars.
    The good thing is that you can use the rock band equipment so if you already have that, you don't need to fork out for another set of drums or microphones etc.
    I wouldn't really recommend it apart from to those who are harcore guitar hero fans!

  10.  AMAZING!!!


    I absolutely love this series!
    It's so quirky and delightful!
    I can't think of any other words to describe it really.
    It's everything you want it to be and more!
    The episodes are amazing and leave you wanting to watch the next to find out what happens!
    Tis a bit sad that there aren't that many episodes in a season but the new one is out next year so yay for that!!