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  1.  Its good.


    Its a good game and since I played IL-2 Sturmovik Birds Of Prey, i knew the basic controls from the go because of Gaijin entertainments involvement in both games. I love that it is a later version of world war 2 and the events surrounding it.

  2.  ALOT BETTER! :)


    After playing the first assassins creed i wasn't too sure whether to buy the second one, but it is far, far better and itis clear that ubisoft have listened to the game players comments also it is no where near as repetitive as the first assassins creed. My opinion, money well worth spent :) BUY IT! :)



    Being a huge Pokemon fan i think this game is absolutely brill... and what more can you ask for updated version of Diamond/Pearl plus more varities of Pokemon including Scyther, Wingull, Ralts, Swablu and many many more, Also there is a new ledgendary in town...Giratina and a chance to catch Palkia and Dialga later on in the game. Also the game features new characters such as the looker who gives you a bit of info on the where abouts of team galactic and the insite to what they are up too. This game is even better than Diamond/Pearl and other Pokemon games out there on the hand held consoles. As i have completed only Pearl i found much easier to complete Platinum as i did find difficulty completing Pearl the first time. Overall this game is 100%, 10/10, Superbly brilliant. :D

  4.  the incredilbe bulk


    It has the bulk in some parts of the game like the graphics are ok i got this free in a bundle soo atleast i didnt have to pay for it but this was the first game i played from my bundle and wat a dissapointment it sux that bad it deserves an x it is a very very big disspointment :(

  5.  koolio


    Looks as i played it at my cousins and it looks brill i couldn't belive how alike it was to gta lol

  6.  rubbish


    waste of money just keeps spinning even when adjusted.
    doesnt fly just spins round and round