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  1.  Amazing!


    I think all the songs from this film are amazing and really well thought out =)
    Teenage kicks is by the undertones and is missing.



    Ths movie is great, the first ever 12 i watched lol.
    It is a movie that is so bitchy but really funny and a great chick flick.
    This is mine and my friends sleepover classic and well worth the money

    So Fetch! *****

  3.  My No1 fav


    I'd heard how gud this buk woz so b4 i watched the film i decided 2 buy it! I've neva read a buk thats made me smile and cry as much, its my fav buk nw and im 14 and my friends grandma likes the buk and it jus shows that a lot of people love this buk. Its hard not to like, BUY BUY BUY!!!

  4.  I loved this as a kid!


    I got this buk 9 years ago when i was 5 and i absolutly luved it and i passed it on to my brother who is nw 6 n he luves it 2! Buy this 4 ur children its a great buk!!!

  5.  AMAZING!!!


    If i enjoy a book then i will read it really quickly as i'm so gripped and if i don't then it means i take about 3 weeks to read it. I can tell you i whizzed through this book and its amazing, it is so unusual that you just can't put it down! Its so great that i'd definatly recommend it and its my favourite book ever!



    I love this phone, its everything rolled into 1 great phone!
    I was originally goin 2 get the sony w910i but after bad reviews i was unsure and for the same payment on contract i could get this 1 and let me tell you its so much better. the camera although only 3.15 mp is amazing n like a digital camera, the touch screen technology is outstanding n its like having an i pod, phone n digital camera rolled into 1!

    Its not just a standard phone n charger in this pack either u get those 2 plus, earphones, an extension to ur earphones that include a mini control so if you want to pause, skip or answer a call instead of unlocking your phone all you have to do is press the controls, a usb cabel, an extra pen n an extension cabel for your tv


  7.  freaky....and i jumped out of my skin....


    I'm 14 and watched it with my class at school in R.E. We weren't sure what to expect but i enjoyed it and am writing this review as i'm looking to buy this film. Me and my friend were clutched together all the way through the film, as soon as we heard the tense music we moved away from the screen. Really funny to watch with friends and quite sad in parts... nearlly cryed x

  8.  GO MAMA! =D


    I got this for christmas n before i played on it looked at the reviews on here n was slightly unsure about what to expect after reading some of these reviews but dont be decieved by these reviews... I agree the price is a bit hefty but i got it on a buy one get one free offer...though when i played on it it was really fun... Mi n my friend were laughing our heads off on multiplayer mode... We were jumping up n down like idiots trying to mix the puddings... I (14) liked it for its fun facter n my little brother (6) liked it for its educational facter as he was interested in what foods came from what countries... =P

  9.  well deserved 5 stars...


    This game is fantastic... I haven't met anybody yet who doesn't like it... The courses are fantastic... I would buy another remote for this game as its best in multiplayer mode... Lots to do n well worth the money... The best wii game available! =D

  10.  a REAL review of this game...


    I think this game is well worth the money though i wouldn't pay over £20 for it. With some of the reviews you'd think they were expecting a one of a kind 3d high tech game... These people have obviously not read the box. Its just a bit of fun that you can get out for a bit when your bored and have a little fun... Its nothing thrilling jus some... Carnival games! =P