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  1.  Good if you have insomnia


    The cover depicts a viking army...Where is this army or battle? FALSE ADVERTISING. I don't understand where these vikings are that it talks about on the cover? Those christian scottish guys?
    I actually had to have a nap after watching this because I had spent so much energy trying to stay awake and understand what was going on. The main character doesn't have any lines or any back story...or any point. I really want an explanation.

  2.  disappointment


    I saw this live in Plymouth and I was a bit disappointed. It felt like the whole thing was thrown together with songs dumped on the end of the performance. It was almost torturous to watch and couldn't wait for it to finish.The second half was better as it had a bit of a plot. Everything that I thought was genuine funny mistakes to the live performance I saw turned out to be a set up for example Bollo falling over and Nabu laughing at the first line. What happened to these guys?

  3.  the cover is a lie! complete let down


    The flight of the conchord guys are only in the film total 5mins at the most and not even together in the same scene. On the back cover Bret is pictured with zombie like eyes..this NEVER happens!
    The FOTC guys don't have anything to do with the plot.
    There are some amusing moments in the film but mostly you are waiting for the film to become what it was advertised as.

  4.  be kind, fast forward


    the trailer is extremely misleading, what it shows is only a small part of the film and the only funny part in it. you hardly get to see them remake movies as the films main storyline is about a dead jazz player?? The film could of been so much better if they stuck to making low budget remakes. I wanted to leave the cinema but sitted it out. such a waste of money. worst film of 2008

  5.  p.s. i love this film


    I havn't read the book and I think it's for the best. I cried the whole way through this film, I don't think I've ever cried so much in a film! I dnt think I can watch it again as I dnt want to cry that much ever again lol. only downfall was the irish accent, I could here scottish in it

  6.  rubbish


    not worth watching I think i laughed once and that was it. cheap jokes awful main character and incredibly predictable. good for a 12 year old maybe

  7.  stupid


    I don't know why i watched this the whole way through, i found it completely ridiculous and irritating to watch. I did laugh a few times so it gets an extra star.
    Basically the whole story is pointless that you can predict the ending in the first 10 minutes. terrible choice of cast.

  8.  fun and addictive!


    This is really addictive game and a must have! I'm not so great at the maths games but I'm improving on them everday which makes me happy and more confident!
    the layout is exactly the same to brain training but just different puzzles. I don't have the first one but i want it aswell just for the different puzzles.
    my only problem with the game is rock,paper,scissors it doesn't recognise my voice and i get very frustrated with it!

  9.  so much fun!


    totally addicted to worms! brings back memories. love the stratigicness mixed with the comedy and addictive fun!
    can play 2 player by just passing the ds or against another DS
    I love unlocking new accents for my worms (soulman,angry scot,cyber,brummie, german, etc)
    you can design ur own land and flags!
    The puzzles are also really good.

    got this for 12.99 definatly worth it!



    A played this game on a friends DS first and then decided to buy a Nintendo DS because this game is so great. It uses puzzles which make you think and incorporates all aspects of the DS design to make game play fun such as 'blowing into the mic to put out fire' and other interesting things that I won't give away.