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  1.  A little bit of everything


    I think the range of music on this soundtrack is awesome. What other OST offers Bruce Dickinson AND Claude Debussy? All those narrow-minded heavy metallers will no doubt be reaching for the 'skip' button, but us open-minded music lovers will thrive on the shere amount of material that's offered here.

    As for the movie itself, it looks cool. I loved the concept behind Bruce Dickinson's The Chemical Wedding album, and all the William Blake artwork that went with it. Bruce is a cultured man (even if he did wear blue and white spandex trousers haha), and is one of those people who can turn their hand to anything. And with Dickinson having such a passion for the myths and sories behind the illustrious Aleister Crowley, and given his talent as a lyricist, I'm confident that the movie itself will be just as cool as the sountrack!!

  2.  Personal touches! Hell Yeah!


    To be honest I'm not too bothered how the actuall remix CD sounds like. What's exciting about this is that Trent has given us all the master tracks from the original Year Zero album so we can make our own remixes of songs! Yet again, Mr Reznor shows us that music is for sharing. Could you imagine other bands doing the same? I think not. Obviously it's not good for people who don't have recording gear but you can get basic software on a free trial basis, so everyone can have a go.

    Really looking forward to reworking NIN songs for myself. And who knows, with this release, other artists might do the same!

  3.  People are so shallow- this game rocks!


    What's the point of having over played songs on Guitar Hero? If you want the same old songs, go get one of the free CDs that the Sunday papers give away! I've heard of loads of the songs. And if people grew up in the 80s and never heard heard of Flock Of Seaguls, Anthrax, Scorpions, The Police, Judas Priest, The Dead Kennedys or Ronnie James Dio, well they must have been living under a rock (no pun intended)! Or are they the type of people who buy the album for just the single(s)? Because people like that make musicians like me sick!

    The game is cool. I agree, nothing new, but it will tide us over til GH3, which with any luck WONT have "wednesday kareoke night at the pub" songs from start to finish =D

  4.  Amazing and awe-inspiring


    This is Emma Thompson's career defining moment as Vivian Bearing, the strict, almost emotionless English Professor who, on her final journey in life, discovers her inner-child, her love and herself through stories and flashbacks scattered throughout the movie.

    It is obvious that Thompson put her heart and soul into this film, and the way in which director Mike Nichols presents this descent of a once headstrong woman is jaw-dropping, heartbreaking and truly life changing.

    I don't think I've been so deeply moved by any other film.

    Shere brilliance