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  1.  Bring on Series 2!


    I have to say I was suprised when I saw this- I wasn't expecting it too be this funny! Martin Clunes plays Reggie brilliantly! Personally, I think this is just as good as the old series. It's surreal humour makes it a nice change to the usual sitcoms. My only negative comment is that I felt the Series was a bit short. Bring on Series 2, and make it 10 episodes this time!

  2.  Good things come in small packages


    You owe it to yourself to own this book! It's an absoulte modern classic, written by the funniest man on telly, Harry hill. If you're a serious type you probably won't like this book, but for everybody else it's an absolute gem. You could probably read it in about 15 minutes, there is only a sentence or so and some drawings on each page, but you'll find yourself reading it over and over again. The stories are touching and funny, and the drawings are brilliant and match the feel of the stories excellently. Tim the tiny horse is about a tiny horse called tim and his mis-adventures. "So tiny, in fact, a sugar-cube could last him a month". He may be small, but it doesn't get him down- he's quite the optimist and doesn't get too sad about his size. As it says on the back: "perhaps he's a result of global warming or some crazy mutation, but for the time being let's just accept the fact that he's here and enjoy his adventures"
    Tim the tiny horse is a book of 12 short stories which have tim face a dillema of some sort, often because of his size, or just chilling with his best friend fly. The stories range from "tim and the dissapearing hula hoop" to "tim and fly consider the meaning of life". My particular favourite is "Tim does some cooking" where he tries to make his own cadbury's fudge bar. He looks at the ingredients on the wrapper, and he has some chocolate and sugar, but Tim is a bit stuck on what 'hydrogenated vegetable fat' is. I don't wanna spoil the rest of the story, but I found the ending comic genius. The stories cover a great range of different topics, and are incredibly well-written and while it isnt like 'laugh out loud' funny, you'll be chuckling all the way. And that definitely is not a bad thing! The actual style of a book is brilliant (i've run out of adjectives to describe how good this book is), just a few words (hand-written by harry) and pictures. While it looks like a children's picture book, there's load of great comedy underneath. There should be more books in the style like this!
    Overall, absoultely brilliant. Keep writing, Harry!

  3.  Good on the whole!


    In my review, I will be rating the indivial episodes of Disc 1 first. These are my opinions, and may differ to yours and other people's. I will be giving each one marks out of 3. 1= Rubbish, 2= Pretty good and 3= Awesome! So, lets go!

    1. Stewie loves Lois- 2/3
    Not bad, really- quite a good episode. Has some funny moments, but it isnt the best in the set. I'm stuck on which side of the episode is better- Peter's prostate exam or Stewie's new obsession with lois. I guess its a tie!

    2. Mother tucker- 2.5/3
    This is the only episode in the set I will be allowing a 2.5! Its a good episode, but the Brian and stewie storyline lets it down a bit. The other storyline is very good- the best bit is when Peter acts like a child when he gets his new 'dad' (Tom tucker)

    3. Hell comes to Quahog- 3/3
    Much thought was put in on the score of this one, but the 'a 5th of beethoven' skating scene just pushes it in! Good episode, especially when peter gets the tank and blows up Cleveland's house.

    4. Saving private Brian- 2/3
    Quite good, but didnt quite make it as a 3. Some of the Chris storyline isnt that funny, but then again its the same with the Stewie and Brian storyline- but there are some funny moments here.

    5. Whistly while your wife works- 2/3
    At the time of writing this, I havent seen this episode for a while but here goes anyway. Something that makes this episode funny is the character of Jilian- she's stupid and doesnt know it- like the fact she doesnt like drinking lemonade because they have to 'kill' so many lemons. The peter and lois storyline is only funny in places. Overall, this episode is a bit lacking in something.

    6. Prick up your ears- 3/3
    Possibly the best episode on the disk! Really, I cant really say much else apart from that! Both storylines rock solid, the sex-ed one perhaps a little more than other.

    The review on Disc 2 will be up soon!

  4.  Possibly the Best Game I've ever played in my life!


    Judging by what other reviews here have said, theres much contrervsey (yes I know I spelled it wrong) wether this game is fun or not. However, as my title says, this is possibly the best game I've ever played in my life! I admit that i got addicted to this game. In the game there is so much to do- it really feels like its your second life. However, I warn you now- the game is only as good depening on how much effort you put in- if you just make ur town a mess, forget to save and turn off (a mole named Mr.Resseti has a nag at you when you do this)and make your villagers say rude things you'll just get bored quickly. My advice is: Dont just take the easy ways- like harvest and sell foreign fruit- all the time. Mix it up a little- catch some bugs and fish and sell them.Wait- I havent really explained what the game is about yet, have I? Well, you play as a young boy/girl who moves into a village full of animals. When you make a new village it is completely randomized- no two villages are the same. There isnt really an objective to this game- but there are a few challenges which are hard to fully complete- such as pay of your mortgage to get a mansion, collect every bug/ fish. In each day I found my self catching bugs and fish, decorating my house, talking to the animal friends- and each day is different- theres different weather and seasons, and on some days there are special events and visitors- such as a fortune telling cat! Really, I dont know how to finish this review. I'm having trouble writing it! Hm- lets move on to animal friends. When you really get into the game- you get really attached with these. You can talk to them and most of the time they have something new to say. They're the same size as you, and they live in a house just like yours. And heres another clever little touch- when you send them a present (yes posting letters is yet another thing in this giant list you can do) it appears in their house. Theres 6 different animal personalities- but If I told you them you could instantly recognize what a certain animal's personaility is like, which is a bit boring because you then find out that they say the exact same things as another animal in the village. Being best friends with an animal is a fun challenge- they might give you their 'picture' which looks really awesome in your house, and you can show it off to your friends. Now.. what else could i explain... well, I better not spoil any more suprises! I'll give you a little hint though- go to the coffe shop downstairs in the museum on a saturday night, after 8pm, and you'll get a little suprise....
    While my review has been positive so far, there are a few niggles which have made me stop playing for periods of time. One of which is animal dialogue: Once you've played it for a month you start to notice they repeat themsleves a lot. This case is worse than others in some personailtys.Fishing is fun but its a bit annoying sometimes- like in the summer when a mosquito bites you and you automatically pull your rod out. And.... thats about it really!

    VERDICT: You need this game! Just buy it if you have the money! Itell you now, you may not play it for a period of time, but you'll find yourself coming back to it every now and again! This is a superb game. 5/5