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  1.  Good product.


    Would definately recommend this for a fiver. Fits perfectly and will keep your ipod touch free from unnecessary scratches from within your pocket or whatever.

  2.  Good quality product.


    I never planned on buying any product like this but when I seen it was just 2.99 I thought it was worth taking the risk and I'm glad I did. I'd definately recommend this to any modern warfare 2 fan as it is a smart cool accessor with nice artwork. To answer a previous review - yeah, the faceplate works on xbox 360 controllers as I'm using it on the official wireless one.

  3.  It's definately topped CoD4: MW somehow...


    It's somehow managed to better CoD4 and that was hardly a bad game now was it? It's amazing, quite frankly - enough said!

  4.  One of the best arcadey driving games out there...


    For this price, noone can really complain. I bought this at the start of the summer holidays as I needed something to play until forza 3 and I was more than satisfied with this game. Visually, it's spot on. Online still has a reasonable community (for a game that is a few years old) and is still enjoyable. The general gameplay is more of an arcade racer than a simulator but it's not TOO arcadey which makes it good. As far as I can see it, forza and pgr are the 2 main car games you should look at when buying a racing game for the xbox 360. =)

  5.  Very VERY good game but there's a catch...


    Well I bought RE4 a year ago and never touched it again since playing it for the first time when I found out there was no mouse support and very bad keyboard controls. The game also has no proper quit option so you need to use task manager. It also somehow manages to look worse than the console versions of the game. HOWEVER (wondering why I gave it 4 stars?) if you have a good gamepad (I recommend the xbox 360 controller) and you download all the relevant mods/patches for the game then you can appreciate why the game was so loved on the console. I recently purchased the xbox 360 wired controller myself for the PC specifically for this game and it's paid off as I adore this game now as I'm finally getting to play it properly without becoming frustrated! Running around the forest blowing people's heads off with a shotgun? How fun! The gameplay and atmosphere of the game are great and so, if you're willing to shell out for a good gamepad and reasonable expectations of the game beforehand, you will find this to be a must have for your collection for such a small cost.

  6.  3 and a half stars...


    I have mixed feelings about this game. The single player's good! but not as atmospheric as the first f.e.a.r which is disappointing but the slow motion effects when fighting is cool and never grows tiring. The multiplayer is somehow worse looking than the single player and reminds me a lot of project dark zero. It is fun-ish but I'll be surprised if I'm playing it come 2 months time.

    My advice is to wait until it comes down in price and then buy it for the single player campaign.

  7.  Oh yeah!


    For £30 this is a must buy. It's like 10 times better than the original Gears of War and that was hardly a bad game!

  8.  Haha


    Aw so many disturbing scenes that words can NOT describe. The government should think about using this film in sex ed.classes if they want to cut down on teenage pregnancy or pregnancy at all. Ever! haha. You gotta wonder what the director was thinking when he came up with the idea of this film... No, wait! I don't wanna know...

  9.  Quite Good.


    If this game was still priced £40 (which I bought it for), I'd say look elsewhere. Don't get me wrong, this is a very good game. Good graphics and handles quite well (too my liking anyway). It does get repetitive though and this is boring. However at the price it is currently, you can't really complain because you wont be losing much. Worth a try.

  10.  1 of the best albums of the decade so far...


    Great album! Shame about the albums that followed from 50, not as good as GRODT =[. Shocked if you don't have this album by now...